AVG Internet Security Review

AVG Internet Security is preferred and used by millions of users across globe. AVG Technologies is an online store which specializes in antivirus, anti-spy ware, anti-spam, web protection, firewall and complete internet security products for home computers, small business computers and large business computers. AVG has all the tools you need to protect your computer from threats like adware, virus, spyware, trojans, phishing, malicious scripts and other online threats. AVG makes sure that while you are surfing the Internet, or you are searching anything, downloading music, downloading documents, or you are sending e-mails or instant messaging, you’re doing everything with 100% safety. Continue reading “AVG Internet Security Review”

Sothink SWF Catcher Review

Generally speaking, Sothink SWF Catcher is a software that focuses on the SWF downloading. It catches all flash around, from different browsers cache, local files and current process separately. Many times you may have thought of, how to download a flash animation from other websites. You may have liked a flash game, flash advertisement or a flash movie. Now you can download any flash file using this awesome tool. Many websites use the flash (SWF) format for games, ads and movies. The main reason is that SWF (Flash) files are smaller in size and there’s so much you can accomplish using flash files. SWF Catcher can even help you download videos from Youtube and other such movies/videos websites. Continue reading “Sothink SWF Catcher Review”

Sothink SWF Decompiler for MAC

Sothink SWF Decompiler for Mac is a Flash development software running on Mac OS. From our understanding, its functions can be categorized “from Learn to Use” according to the usage. So together with its functions, let’s see where to learn and where to use.

We’ll not talk too much for installation process since it only takes a minute with several clicks. The program takes 23 MB space on your hard disk which is not heavy at all. Continue reading “Sothink SWF Decompiler for MAC”

Best FTP Software

best ftp software

Along with other necessary software components, FTP software is one of the most important webmaster tools. If you run an online business, perhaps you are already aware of the usage of a FTP software. For those who have limited information about FTP software, here is some basic information followed by a list of top ten FTP software tools you can use to make your life easier. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, a software used to transfer files over the internet from a computer to the web server. So if you wish to publish a website or web page over the internet, you need FTP software to transfer files from your computer to the web server. There are many quality FTP software available and we have compiled this top ten list of best FTP software for you. Continue reading “Best FTP Software”

ZoneAlarm Review – Free Personal Firewall

zonealarm products review

We use internet for various reasons – entertainment, business, video conferencing, education and in almost every field like science, research, edutainment, multimedia, stocks, shares and much more. Internet has become a vital part of our lives, and we keep all our important data safe on our computer, which may be bank codes, passwords, important numbers etc.

But is your important data really safe on our computer? No, with the advent of internet there came intruders and hackers. They would intrude your computer through internet and you won’t even get to know that. They would collect all your personal and important information and misuse it. For those who use computers for their business are at a very high risk these days due to loads of viruses, spyware, malicious codes and hackers. Zonealarm is one of the top ten antivirus software. Continue reading “ZoneAlarm Review – Free Personal Firewall”

Best Email Marketing Software

best email marketing software

I was going through my emails today and found a couple of emails that looked like some sort of advertisement emails. I’m pretty sure, you know my reaction. I generally get irate when I find emails related to product advertisement. So, my first reaction was pretty bad, however, when I opened this email I had a different reaction. The email was so beautifully designed that I couldn’t stop myself from reading the content. Being a designer, I loved the design of this particular email. It is amazing, I enjoyed that email. Of course, I didn’t buy the product(s) that were included in the email because I didn’t want them. But let’s keep the product thing apart and let’s talk about the email itself.

We all understand that email marketing is a great tool for the success of our businesses over the internet and we certainly can’t overlook it. Email marketing is really effective and you can see instant results if you do it right! But how can we do it successfully while keeping the end user interested in reading our emails? The answer is: using an effective email marketing software that can create beautiful emails for your customers. Check this top ten list of best email marketing software and familiarize yourself with the best software for creating goregeous emails for your subscribers and your customers. Continue reading “Best Email Marketing Software”

10 Best Registry Cleaners

best registry cleaners

Security is of highest priority in the computer world and computer security has always been a hot topic among computer users and webmasters. Knowledge is the key to safe computing in the computer world. Among many key components safe computing, registry cleaners have always been a matter of discussion. This review of top ten registry cleaners is to introduce you to the best registry cleaners, their usage, benefits, compatibility with various operating systems. This review will also help answering your questions about the usage of registry cleaners, what are they, why use them and more. To fully understand the concept of a registry cleaner you need to understand what is Windows registry. Continue reading “10 Best Registry Cleaners”

10 Best Antispyware 2010

Best Antispyware

Spyware has always been a threat to the privacy and data security. Companies each year spend millions on best antispyware to recover the losses because of these dangerous pieces of codes. Where viruses can ruin installations and damage sensitive operating system files, even worse can happen if a spyware infiltrates a computer system. The term spyware (spy ware) says it all and explains what it could do to your sensitive data on your computer system. The term spyware defines a malicious code which is programmed to spy on a computer user’s activities and silently forward your usage statistics to someone who can use your personal information for their own benefits. This article elaborates some of the interesting facts and figures about best antispyware and will also suggest the top ten antispyware of 2010 that can keep your computer safe against dangerous spyware software. Continue reading “10 Best Antispyware 2010”

Top Ten Enterprise and Small Business Antivirus

best business antivirus

Computer security is one of the most important factors of running a successful business. To protect your data at enterprise level, you need the best enterprise antivirus software that can ensure maximum protection to your data and network. Enterprises spend millions of dollars in employing the best manpower, hardware, infrastructure, technology and more, to run a business.

Security trends show that with the increase in phishing and virus threats online, it is very important to employ the best antivirus software for your business computers. I researched on various antivirus and security software available that offer enterprise level protection, here is a list of the top 10 antivirus software for business and enterprises. This list is based on my research, reviews of antivirus software on the internet on various sites and other success stories listed on trustworthy websites. Continue reading “Top Ten Enterprise and Small Business Antivirus”

Top 10 Web Analytics Services

best web analytics services

While it is important to have a great looking website, it is equally important to have strong web analytics to track what your customers are clicking and which pages they spend most of their time. Before you get into signing up for a web analytics service, read this top ten web analytics article and understand why web analytics are used. Most successful businesses know how to use web analytics effectively to convert their visitors to sales. They do little, but they do it right and take advantage of the real-time stats. This web analytics guide will answer most of your questions related to web analytics software, service or program. Continue reading “Top 10 Web Analytics Services”