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New Miche Shells July 2009

posted on 07/22/2009 in Blog, Handbags
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Michebag is gaining more love from customers through out United States. The designer handbags manufacturer Michebag is as usual up with new exciting new Miche shells now available in the Michebag store. The new shells and specially the new Stacy (Black) bag with a “Slouchy” look is being the buzz of the moment through out the nation! If you are a Miche Bag user or plan to buy one, here are some exciting new shell releases for you:

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New Miche Bag Shells

Ashley Michebag Shell Ashley Michebag Shell
Barbara Michebag Shell Barbara Michebag Shell
Jade Michebag Shell Jade Michebag Shell
Jamie Michebag Shell Jamie Michebag Shell
Lydia Michebag Shell Lydia Michebag Shell
Orange Sheila Michebag Shell Orange Sheila Michebag Shell
Stacy Black Michebag Shell Stacy Black Michebag Shell
Stacy Light Brown Michebag Shell Stacy Light Brown Michebag Shell
White Jen Michebag Shell White Jen Michebag Shell

Best Miche Bag Shells

So which latest Miche shells are the best and most popular?
Miche Bag is showing off its fresh new style, the new “Slouchy” look is the latest Miche shell design and is gaining tremendous popularity among women in United States. The new shell is being showcased on different TV channels. If you are in the Chicago area, you can catch Miche Bag on ABC Channel 7 on July 28th at 11:00 am. The new shells are selling out fast because of tremendous popularity Michebag is gaining, secure your shell before it runs out.

7 Comments to “New Miche Shells July 2009”

Michebag designer handbags review handbags with changeable michebag shells:

[...] Now you can travel with just one bag and carry the shells on your way to have many looks with just one bag! Miche corporate is continually rolling out great new Miche Shells and designs. Currently, there are over 40 shells to choose from. Check out the latest releases and new Miche Bag shells [...]


i am looking for a store that i can go buy this handbag i know there is one around me i talk to a woman that got one in my town can you help me i live in seymour in 47220

Andy Whittal:

Hi Michelle,

Hope you had a great weekend.

You may have to go a little long distance to find one. Here are some of the Michebag retail addresses around your place:

191 Old US 50 Bedford, IN 47421.
4254 S US Hwy 31 Scottsburg, IN 47170.
1386 S. Boatman Road, Scottsburg, IN 47170.

These are the closest locations to you. However, the easiest would be to purchase online and it should be shipped to you very soon. You can save on gas and the hassle of going there. Secondly, if you purchase through our links, it will help us earn some commission. The cost of bag(s) will be same for you. Shipping is free if you order your bag(s) online and if your purchase order is more than $75, there may be some free gift included with your purchase (this is as per the advertisement I saw on their website).

If you plan to purchase online, please click on any link above that says Buy Now. Hope you will love your Bag.

Andy Whittal.

linda morgan:

i would like to see you create a blue jean type shell for the miche bag. i would like a demin look.

linda morgan:

would love to see a blue jean type shell made for the miche bag.

jeannie parry:

Do they sell these bags and bag shells somewhere in the UK?

Helen Samuel:

I have recently purchased a miche bag and 2 shells and love them all. However can you explain to me the other bag, and if it is larger than the original. My only problem is that the shell falls off on occasions. Other than that a fabulous product.

Kelly Drake

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