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posted on 12/22/2013 in Software
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The competition for Top Ten Antivirus gets in to the next round. As we presented the Top Ten Antivirus article a few months ago, now it is time to test drive the Top 10 Antivirus programs. As the threat to PC security increases day by day through different and new forms of viruses and malware, it is important to know and understand various types of threat levels. Earlier, viruses were written and spread by some hobby computer enthusiasts just for the sake of fun. Today, different types of viruses exist which are programmed by superior programmers to damage computer security systems and gain access to sensitive data on computers. These new viruses can be way more damaging to a computer as compared to the conventional viruses written in past. The new forms of viruses are written to compromise mass computer systems and infect as many computers as possible. Virus code writers program their virus codes to spread infection automatically from one computer to the other and then release their virus codes over the internet. This results in millions of computers getting affected from that virus. Only a good, fully tested and regularly updated antivirus software can block such wild viruses.

BitDefender Antivirus

Softwin’s BitDefender Antivirus is the best in Top Ten reviews ranking. This is because of its features, handling, settings, protection rate and easily understandable menus. As we tested the BitDefender antivirus on our lab computers and first off, we found the menus extremely helpful. Configuring BitDefender antivirus for best results was a breeze. Even the folder where BitDefender Antivirus moves the infected files was also found easily. In our lab tests, none of the other antivirus software were that easy to install and configure for best results.

The most important features of BitDefender include protection against viruses with the leading technology in security industry. It provides multi-layered proactive protection against new and unknown threats. It also includes antispyware for protection against spyware threats, protection against phishing i.e. online banking security. The special Game Mode and Laptop Mode are couple of very good features for gamers and laptop owners. It reduces load on resources while playing games online and consumes lesser resources on laptops. Another cool feature is that it keeps conversations on instant messengers like Yahoo instant messenger, MSN messenger and Skype or any other Instant Messenger highly secret, so that no one can spy the users.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Small, efficient, effective, very fast and easy to Install. This is how ESET Nod32 Antivirus can be described in easy words. The ESET NOD32 antivirus is very effective. It is directly comparable to Norton’s or Bitdefender’s Security levels. The heuristic scan engine of NOD32 antivirus is Number one in our tests. The heuristic engine is a very important function in an Antivirus, it detects the viruses before the signatures of these new viruses are reported any where. Despite heuristic engine the scan rates of the ESET NOD32 Antivirus were one of the fastest in tests.

The Business Edition for Enterprise companies from ESET NOD32 Antivirus is among the best one available in the market. The Business Edition for companies include all standard features of protecting the systems from high risk virus, malware and rootkit threats. It also includes different features for Hosts like All web traffic Monitoring, which includes protection for SSL encrypted channels like POP3, POP3S and HTTPS. The Business Edition of ESET NOD32 antivirus can be bought for any number of users from one user license upwards. This is the number one antivirus for business users!!

Norton Antivirus

The Key Features in the Norton Antivirus review for are, it blocks high risk viruses, blocks spyware through integrated spyware protection, protection from trojan horses, worms, bots, and rootkits. The other important feature to win the race to Top Ten Antivirus review is regular updates every few minutes for up-to-the minute protection. Also, the intelligence-driven technology for faster, fewer, shorter scans is a wonderful technology that avoids system overload. The best features of Norton Antivirus are the advanced protection features like “guarding against web attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities” and “stop threats with the help of advanced antivirus techniques”. Also, pulse updates or streaming definitions are two good features being used by Symantec to react to the latest viruses very fast. Using this technology, antivirus software is updated with new definitions in 3 to 5 minutes, cutting down the reaction time.

Trend Micro Antivirus Titanium

Trend Micro is among the best antivirus software like Norton, BitDefender, Kaspersky and more. Trend Micro antivirus Titanium comes in different versions for different type of users. From home users to Small business users (5 to 100 users) and from Medium Business version (100 to 2500 users) to Enterprise Business Editions (2500+ users) are available. The features and security in all versions is same, just only number or users (licenses) increases with the business editions of Trend Micro Antivirus. Like the top three antivirus software, Trend Micro antivirus includes a spyware blocker and email scanner for scanning emails in real-time. The “Proactive intrusion blocking” and “Protection against rootkits” are also included in the antivirus package.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus is one of the most selling antivirus software online. Kaspersky has made its name with years of hard work in the field of PC security. In the version of Kaspersky antivirus, the Kaspersky Labs were again able to prove their name for security by implementing intuitive techniques. As compared to BitDefender Antivirus, the Kaspersky Antivirus has also implemented the protection for instant messengers (IM) like Yahoo instant messenger, MSN IM, Skype IM or any other instant messenger. The Gamers Mode is another good feature which works very reliably and does not slow down the system. Another feature that Kaspersky Labs worked on is to tweak the resources hunger of the Antivirus, now it consumes at least 17% less resources as compared to the last version. The Antiphishing Module of the Kaspersky Antivirus works also very good to protect users online banking. The Kaspersky Antivirus displays the urls (URL Advisor feature) in different colors.

AVG Antivirus

With AVG Antivirus, it is possible to protect the computer in regular mode (Live Protection or Real time Protection) as well as in offline mode (Manual scan). AVG Virus Scanner has almost same features as above candidates like automatic updates (daily basis), heuristic scans, instant messenger protection, email protection, browser protection, boot CD – USB stick, phishing protection, link scanner (Like McAfee Site Advisor), anti spyware and anti rootkit. In Top Ten antivirus review AVG Antivirus made a good overall appearance. The Virus recognition rate was higher than the free available antivirus software.

F-Secure Antivirus

The F-Secure antivirus protects your data from high risk viruses, worms, malware, spyware and other malicious codes. As the CyberCrime is increasing rapidly, the manufacturers of antivirus software are developing new techniques every day for your computer’s data security. F-Secure implemented various latest technologies to protect computers from different types of threats. The Deep Guard technique implemented by F-Secure is one of the best available techniques today. In the computer world, the Heuristic Scan engine of F-Secure is said to be the best. The Instant Data Protection (DeepGuard) against new threats is very effective and able to react very fast against the viruses which are not very common yet and no updates for them are available yet.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee is one of the oldest players in the field of computer security. McAfee Antivirus is using a technique called In the Cloud Scanning. This technique sends suspicious files from the computer where McAfee Antivirus is installed, to the McAfee’s Central. McAfee analyzes these files and reacts accordingly. McAfee says this technique as “Revolutionary Active Protection technology”. Many Antivirus companies are using this method and similar techniques to React Faster to the Newest Viruses. But many people don’t like to send information from there computers to companies like these, not every one is interested in telling these companies which programs they have installed on their computers.

G Data Antivirus

G Data is actually a mixture of two antivirus, Avast and Bitdefender Antivirus. The technologies used by Avast and Bitdefender are implemented both together in the G Data Antivirus. But the problem as always with the implementation of two Antivirus at the same time is, it goes on the cost of system resources. Even if G Data is saying on its website that no time loss, in G Data Antivirus review for the product it was slowing down the windows operating system recognizably.

Panda Antivirus

Panda uses the earlier mentioned cloud technique in the latest edition of Panda Antivirus. Panda protects the computer as an all in one protection system using features like virus protection, spyware protection, phishing internet security, rootkit protection, email security, instant messenger security, automatic updates (daily based, thanks to the cloud technique for less updates), browser protection and TruPrevent technology to recognize viruses even before new antivirus definitions are available through updates (behavior recognition).

19 Comments to “Top Ten Antivirus Software Ratings”

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A very good comparison of top ten antivirus, but I wanted to know why Mcafee antivirus is not ranking that good in the ranking. As I know it is a very old antivirus and it was always very good in terms of recognizing viruses. As I started using computer I heared Norton and Mcafee as the first antiviruses ever. Now I don’t understand why Mcafee antivirus should not be a good one.



Hi Steven.

Mcafee is really a very old one and it is a good antivirus! Now the question is what is a good antivirus? A good antivirus for a common person is generally that recognizes ALL of the viruses. But in the reality a 100% recognition of all the viruses and malware available out there is not possible by any antivirus program, specially when it comes to handle the changed codes of these viruses. The programmers or hackers are changing the code of the virus programs all the time not to get recognized by the antivirus softwares. Thats why an antivirus program even with very less failures in test get negative points. The antivirus software changes with every version released by the antivirus companies. The Manufacturers always says it has become better in the next version which is not always true. Thats why the antiviruses gets some times better or some times bad rankings and is recommended always to get the best version of antivirus program.

George Nash:

I have heard a lot of publicity about Sunbelt Software’s Vipre program. Have you tested this one and how did it rank?


Sunbelt Vipre antivirus is good. I have used it and it is way better than a lot of other antivirus programs. May I ask why Vipre antivirus is not included in this list? I do see that Vipre antivirus is included in the Enterprise antivirus review that was featured in October 2009. Is it because it is an enterprise antivirus software? But I have been using it on my business computer and on my home computers too and it is a very good software that does not slow down your computer.
I recommend adding Vipre antivirus to this list.

Andy Whittal:

Hello George, hello Chelsea,

We haven’t yet tested Vipre antivirus, however, you can read our enterprise antivirus software review featured in October. Hope that provides some useful information about the Vipre Antivirus software.



What do you think of Windows Essentials anti virus program?


Hi David,

Windows Essentials antivirus is a little new in the market and it has yet to establish its market by implementing new features and with good recognition rates!! Specially, when we do the antivirus comparison the other older candidates are doing very good in finding and implementing NEW RELIABLE technologies in there products. It will take a long time for Windows Essentials Antivirus to come under ten places in the Top Ten Antivirus reviews.


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there are more products of norton what about Norton Internet Security online?


hello sir, I just want to know if the order of the antiviruses is random or it is fixed according to number? and about its order is it number 1 to 10 or vice versa?

Andy Whittal:

The order is from 1 to 10. The first antivirus in the list is the best and the second is second best and so on. Hope that clears up any doubts.


hi, what is the best anti virus?

Pedro Carriz:

Is there a problem in your redaction? Because about “BitDefender Antivirus 2011″
you write in the beginning:
– Softwin’s BitDefender Antivirus 2011 is the best in Top Ten reviews ranking.
And at the end of this review you write:
– Our comprehensive lab tests proved that Bitdefender takes the second place in our Top Ten Antivirus Review.

So, is the best [first] or second?

Thank you

Andy Whittal:

Hi Pedro,
Bitdefender offers the best antivirus and internet security software, there’s no doubt about that. That’s editorial mistake, I have contacted the author of this article to make necessary changes.
Thank you for bringing it to our notice.


check Vipre best of all


BitDefender is kind of memory hog. I want an Antivirus that use less memory. the previous Eset use less on memory, but when win32/scribble-a,b strikes my pc it infects almost my entire memory(system32/Windows).. I preferred to use Microsoft Security Essentials. since i never got any of the previous problem…


When it comes to .exe files Nod’s performance is disastrous. Other then that it’s relatively OK.
Bit defender and Kaspersky are the best two.
As for Enterprise segment Sophos wins hand down due to the data protection system, followed by Kaspersky that has overall better security.


I use Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012

I surprise it’s overall detection of malware

I use malware list to test Bitdefender 2012

also test another such as AVG 2011, Avira 10, Avast 6.0, Eset smart security 5.0, Comodo 5.0 but these all ara fail to detect some malware.

Score on detection level

1] Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 – 9.5/10
2] Eset Smart Security 5.0 – 8/10
3] Avira Premium Suite 10 – 8/10
4] AVG Antivirus 2011 – 7/10
5] Avast Antivirus 6.0 – 7/10
6] Comodo Antivirus Free 5.0 – 6.5/10

so u will see these result the winner is Bitdefender 2012!!!!!!!!!!!


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