Best RC helicopters for beginners

Best RC helicopters for beginners

Best RC helicopters for beginners

The fun begins as you get your hands on your first RC helicopter and these amazing RC helicopters for beginners are best to begin with. If you are a beginner, first you have to make sure to know the basics of flying a helicopter and learn how to fly a RC helicopter successfully. Also, if you are gifting to someone who does not know much about flying, you should purchase a basic toy, not an advanced helicopter. This article will introduce you to the best RC helicopters for beginners and will also provide useful information to take your first helicopter off the ground.

What are RC helicopters?

Most of us are aware of what a RC helicopter is, for those who don’t know, RC helicopters are radio-controlled helicopters that are a lot more than just toys. These are powerful advanced toys that need experience and skill. There is an interesting article on Wikipedia that you must read to know more about RC helicopters. This article will help you understand the history and basics of RC helicopters.

Beginner RC Helicopters

It is important to understand the aerodynamics of a RC helicopter to understand properly how to fly helicopter, how to turn it around, how to take it up and down without crash landing it on the ground. Most beginner helicopters are easier to learn because they are designed to be more stable than advanced RC helicopters that are more inclined to give speed, do maneuver and aerobatic tricks and fly upside down. If you are new to flying these advanced toys, it is better to begin with a beginner level RC helicopter and then move to an advanced RC helicopter.

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Best Beginners RC Helicopters

Here are the best beginners level RC helicopters which are not only cheaper but also easier to fly:

1. Xieda 9958

Indoor smooth flight, move up and down, forward and backward, left and right, hovering, accurate positioning, etc. Very easy to fly, very stable and entertaining flight. The best for beginners and intermediate!

2. Syma S031

Very easy and stable RC helicopter, moves up and down, forward and backward, left and right. Fully assembled and ready to fly. Extremely easy to control and provides long flight because of lightweight frame.

3. Sanhuan SH 6030 C7

This palm size helicopter equips gyroscope as well as a DV Cam. The cam is built-in, and there is no need to worry where to mount the cam! Stable and elegant flight. Metal frame, crash withstand. Video recording with 130 megapixel camera. The best camera RC helicopter at a price so low!

4. UDI U809A

This is an amazing 3 channel missile shooting helicopter! Control it with your iPhone/iPod/iPad/iTouch. The helicopter is available in two colors: Army green and Army yellow!

5. iPhone/iPad/iTouch Controlled Heli

This helicopter is a lot of fun. It has bulit in Gyroscopes and battery safe-guard. Function: UP, Down, Forward, Backward, Left/Right Turn, With Controled Light. Note: Buy it only if you have an iPhone/iPad/iTouch.

6. Avatar Z-Series Z008

Extremely stable helicopter and the looks are simply amazing! Anyone can fly this helicopter because it is very easy to control it. It is equipped with a 4-in-1 infra-red receiver (Gyro, ESC, Mixer, Receiver), allows the heli to move in all directions.

7. Syma S107

3-channel, Infrared Control (Allows for Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down movements). The aircraft is available in 3 colors: Red, yellow and purple. Auto stable and precision speed. Easy to fly.

8. Double Horse 9098

3-channel, Infrared Control (Allows for Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down movements). New metal frame, body, gyroscope system, looks, design and more. You can even charge the phone using a USB cable from your computer.

9. Align TREX 100S Super Combo

Align TREX is the most successful and the best RC helicopter manufacturer in the market. The 100S is a ready to fly heli. It is specially made for first time flyers, it has a lot of great features like the elastic material, the stable Bell Rotor Head design and the super light weight design.

10. Nine Eagles Solo Pro 260A

The Solo Pro is a very good choice. It has a Fixed Pitch one piece main rotor, easy to install, hard to break. The whole Heli body is very light weight, making it very durable in a crash, the simple mechanism also makes it great for beginners.

You can find below mentioned RC helicopters here >

Reference and Reviews

Most of these beginner RC helicopters have reviews on the seller’s website, however, if you have used any of these helicopters, please consider sharing your views and reviews with the community. If you have any recommendations to include beginner level RC helicopters, please recommend them below. We will be happy to include your recommendations in this list.


  1. Thats exactly what I have been looking for. My nephew saw such a helicopter at his friend’s house and he wanted to have one too. I wanted a beginner level helicopter for him and your list is very helpful. Thankyou for being so informative.
    Janet (FL).

  2. Good list. I have been flying these toys since 5 years and these are much advanced today with the 2.4 GHz technology. You can maneuver, do aerobatic tricks, fly upside down and do different things with these advanced toys. Amazing toys!

  3. My father has promised me one and he says to choose one from this list. Which one you think is the best? Please recommend one quickly, I have to get back to him.

  4. Hi Little Pat, I would suggest you to go with the 1st one in this list – Heli-Max Axe CPv3 R/C Micro RTF Helicopter.
    That is the best among these recommendations. Congrats for your new toy and hope you will love it. Do not forget to buy the training kit so that you dont crash land your first helicopter.

  5. Thankyou Kelly for the quick reply. I have told dad that I need the Helimax one and my new toy will be soon shipped to me. Thankyou for your recommendations.
    Little Pat.

  6. Very nice list. I am about to purchase a helicopter for my 8 years old. Its his first helicopter, so would like to purchase a heli that is easy to fly and offers maximum stability. I hope he loves his new toy.
    Thankyou for these recommendations.

  7. All those that are 2.4 Ghz, they are the best RC helicopters because they are fast and VERY accurate.

  8. I’m new to this hobby and looking for my first RC helicopter. I take your recommendations and will buy the 4 channel RC helicopter from this list. Lets see, how well it goes ..

  9. There is a hobby club near our place and even girls fly these exciting RC helicopters there. We just joined the club and have already crash landed a helicopter. So definitely going to buy the training kit and anti-crash kit with our helicopter. We are ordering two of those on 2nd place – TransPro V2 EXI 450-ZL Super Edition
    Not too costly but hell of a performance!

  10. Does it take too much to take these toys off the ground? I mean, is it tough to learn to fly them?
    I’m asking this because I will have to teach my 7 years old to fly these choppers without crashing them on ground. I do not want my boy to hurt himself. Are the blades too sharp?

  11. Hi Richard,
    Thats a very good question, you should be careful about the blades. They dont have sharp edges but they are still bad for eyes. So yes, please be careful while these toys are up in the air. If your kid is going to fly a helicopter, you should take all the necessary precautions like glasses on your kid’s eyes to protect from blades, keep a safe distance from the helicopter, monitor your kid all the time while he is flying the toy. I mean, once your kid knows how to fly them while keeping them at a safe distance, then there is nothing to worry.

  12. I love these toys but the only problem is the crash landing. Last time I purchased one of these, I ended up smashing it in the ground. But the good part is that the parts are pretty cheap. I replaced the blades and it was all set to go again. Very exciting toys and a great pass-time activity too!

  13. Excellent article!
    Thankyou for the valuable information. I’m looking for a beginner level RC helicopter for my son.
    Regards, Herman.

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  15. I am thinking of buying an rc rtf heli as a present for my husband who is an aerospace engineer. However I do not think he has ever flown an rc heli. I would like to get one that will fly outside and inside, but have done so much research I am boged down with it, from what I gather I need one with stability that is reasonably easy to learn to use but not to much of a “toy” for someone with an engineering background. I would very much appeciate your advice on what I could buy. Many thanks. Regards Lynne

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