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Spyware has always been a threat to the privacy and data security. Companies each year spend millions on best antispyware to recover the losses because of these dangerous pieces of codes. Where viruses can ruin installations and damage sensitive operating system files, even worse can happen if a spyware infiltrates a computer system. The term spyware (spy ware) says it all and explains what it could do to your sensitive data on your computer system. The term spyware defines a malicious code which is programmed to spy on a computer user’s activities and silently forward your usage statistics to someone who can use your personal information for their own benefits. This article elaborates some of the interesting facts and figures about best antispyware and will also suggest the top ten antispyware of 2010 that can keep your computer safe against dangerous spyware software.

Spyware Definition

Spyware is anything that is programmed to spy on a user’s activities. In computer language, spyware can be defined as a software code which is programmed to steal user’s sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card information, browsing habits, usage statistics and more. Some spyware software and keyloggers can also take screenshots of your computer screen and send it to the intended person through email. Also, when a spyware infiltrates a computer system, it can open ports without your permission and allow more harmful software to be downloaded on your computer. Only the best antispyware programs have the ability to detect and remove high risk spyware.

Spyware History

The first recorded use of the term spyware occurred on October 16, 1995 in a Usenet post that poked fun at Microsoft’s business model. Spyware at first denoted software meant for espionage purposes. However, in early 2000 the founder of Zone Labs, Gregor Freund, used the term in a press release for the ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall. Since then, “spyware” has taken on its present sense. Interesting? Definitely, it is amazing to know how the term spyware evolved.
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Spyware Types

Spyware is generally classified into three major categories based on the nature of spyware code:
Severe Threat: 15% of spyware threats send private information gathered from the end user logged on to the infected system Only the top level best antispyware can protect against such severe threat spyware.
Moderate Threat: 25% percent of spyware sends information gathered from the victim’s operating system, including the computer name, domain name, logs of all processes running in memory, installed programs, security applications and more.
Minor Threat: 60% of spyware transmits gathered commercial-value information about the end user’s browsing habits.

Spyware Infection Symptoms

antispyware scan results

So, how would you know if your computer is infected with a spyware? It is a very good question and the answer may be simple. Ask yourself, is your computer doing any of the following?

  • Computer running slow
  • Increase in network activity
  • Pop-ups or advertisements showing up
  • System hanging or crashing
  • Programs taking more time to load
  • New dial up connections showing up
  • Homepage changed or website re-direction
  • Suspicious activity on browser, new toolbars, changed search engine, etc.
  • New buttons or icons in taskbar
  • Anything fishy or suspicious

All of these are signs of spyware or virus infection. If it is a virus infection, you can perhaps clean it out with a deep scan. If you don’t have an antivirus software, you could find a good antivirus software in our top ten antivirus article published a couple of months ago. However, if your antivirus does not find anything, it is recommended to scan your computer with the best antispyware software. Below is a list of the the best top ten antispyware of 2010.

Top Ten Antispyware

As the spyware threat has worsened, a number of techniques have emerged to counteract it. These include programs designed to remove or to block spyware, as well as various user practices which reduce the chance of getting spyware on a system. Here are the best antispyware software that can provide maximum safety to your computer system.

1. Noadware Spyware Remover – Noadware is constantly updated to identify the latest threats to your privacy. The software will scan your PC for different Spyware, Adware, Dialers, and Web Bug traces. These items not only create nuisances in the form of popups, system slowdowns and crashes, but many items actually record personal information about you, such as credit cards, social security numbers, or other sensitive information. Noadware is the BEST Antispyware of 2010 according to our research.

2. Malware Removal Bot – MalwareRemovalBOT doesn’t just remove Adware and Spyware from your computer, but also it seeks out subsidiary registry entries and duplicate files in order to destroy them, leaving nothing behind that can threaten your system.

3. Adware Alert – AdWareAlert scans your computer for hidden parasites and removes them permanently. Advanced system cleaner works to repair and correct errors caused by ad and spyware and tweaks your PC for optimal performance. Annoying pop-up ads are blocked before they have a chance to bother you again.

4. AntiSpyware – AntiSpyware uses cutting-edge anti-spyware advancements to detect as many spyware threats as possible and destroy each infection on the spot. AntiSpyware updates itself automatically, ensuring that you are protected from the most recent spyware developments. Just like the Noadware and MalwareRemovalBot, this is among the best antispyware software of all times.

5. AntispywareBot – AntiSpyware BOT 1.4 was created by the industry’s top professionals to protect your privacy and to ensure optimal system performance. By locating, eradicating and preventing malicious spyware infestations such as spybot parasites, spyware, adware, botnet’s, and other forms of malware.

6. Spyware Nuker – Spyware Nuker XT, the fourth generation of anti-spyware software produced by Trek Blue offers the latest features and anti-spyware protection available. It includes a streamlined and easy-to-use interface with easy to manage scan results and easy-to-read html scan reports. Constantly updated, Spyware Nuker is a state of the art antispyware software.

7. STOPZilla Antispyware – STOPzilla successfully scans, removes and blocks Spyware, Adware, Pop-up ads, Phishing attacks, hijackers, rootkits, Trojans, bots, drive-by downloads, rogue programs, messenger service ads, keyloggers, malicious BHOs, dialers, and much more. Their anti-spyware software has won numerous awards and recognition from a wide variety of publications and software testing organizations around the world and Spyware labs mentioned it the best antispyware.

8. SpyZooka Anti-spyware – SpyZooka antispyware is recommended by computer experts worldwide. It detects, removes, and blocks all types of spyware and adware threats. Their proprietary spyware destroying robot hits at least 100 million web pages a day to find new spyware threats. All this data is gathered to strengthen the SpyZooka antispyware and update the software frequently whenever a new spyware is discovered.

9. SpywareRemover Antispyware – SPYwareRemover uses the latest in cutting-edge anti-spyware technology to protect you from the latest spyware threats. No other program can provide you with this level of Adware/Spyware protection while preventing time-wasting pop-up advertisements.

10. Spyware Cease – Spyware Cease offers a suite of solutions to determine the configuration of every system service, and then compares the data found to thousands of vulnerabilities in its exiting database. If any potential vulnerability is identified, Spyware Cease will repair it with the latest patch to greatly enhance the security of your computer system.

Safety from Spyware

We all know, prevention is better than cure. So, be extremely selective of what you download from the internet, what you install on your computer system, which websites you visit, etc. The best way to stay safe against spyware is to stay extremely cautious.

DO NOT click even simple links sent by your friends without making sure they are safe. Avoid downloading any software off the internet without making sure that the concerned website is fully trusted or not. In any case, if you have a tiny bit of doubt that your computer may be infected with a spyware, NEVER delay, download the best antispyware from the list of top ten antispyware given above. Either purchase a good anti-spyware software or backup your data and reinstall windows. Remember, spyware software is designed to spy on your personal information. So it is in your best interest that you get rid of spyware as soon as possible.

Antispyware Research

Internet spyware and malware writers are constantly modifying their programs and installation methods to avoid detection. This is majorly done to avoid the traps set by anti-spyware software. Spyware writers are using rootkits and driver-level technology to hide from anti-spyware programs. Many free antispyware programs simply aren’t capable of removing spyware programs. This is the reason, free anti-spyware programs are not recommended when security is your first priority.

Only the best of the best antispyware programs can provide maximum security against such threats. I will be adding more information as I continue researching on the best top ten antispyware software of 2010. If you have any recommendations for this article, please feel free to suggest below.

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