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I was going through my emails today and found a couple of emails that looked like some sort of advertisement emails. I’m pretty sure, you know my reaction. I generally get irate when I find emails related to product advertisement. So, my first reaction was pretty bad, however, when I opened this email I had a different reaction. The email was so beautifully designed that I couldn’t stop myself from reading the content. Being a designer, I loved the design of this particular email. It is amazing, I enjoyed that email. Of course, I didn’t buy the product(s) that were included in the email because I didn’t want them. But let’s keep the product thing apart and let’s talk about the email itself.

We all understand that email marketing is a great tool for the success of our businesses over the internet and we certainly can’t overlook it. Email marketing is really effective and you can see instant results if you do it right! But how can we do it successfully while keeping the end user interested in reading our emails? The answer is: using an effective email marketing software that can create beautiful emails for your customers. Check this top ten list of best email marketing software and familiarize yourself with the best software for creating goregeous emails for your subscribers and your customers.

1. Interspire

Interspire’s email marketing software includes everything you need to create, send, track and profit from email marketing – but it doesn’t stop there. It also includes powerful tools to completely automate your follow up marketing too. Interspire email marketing service offers a great tool, the autoresponder which automates follow up with prospects. Other features include – Optimizing click-thru rates, automating list management, keep your lists updated, monitor complete activity of a lead and more. Most of all, it is cost effective and you will see the results instantly. Looking at the list of options available, the quality of service and the quality of tools, Interspire is the number 1 email marketing software!

2. Omnistar Mailer

Omnistar Mailer is one of the most recommended email marketing software by web developers and businesses online. The software is robust, offering advanced features like: Create unlimited targeted marketing lists, create unlimited automated autoresponders, built-in survey system, real-time detailed statistics, automate online reminders, email management triggers, advanced search technology, personalize email campaigns and a lot more. Omnistar Email Marketing Software makes it easy to create professional HTML emails with no technical expertise.

3. Group-Mail

Group-Mail email marketing software is preferred by many for its cheap price. Infacta Ltd is the company that makes this award-winning email marketing package. The wizard involves a step-by-step process of launching the software and by extension a strong internet marketing campaign. The only problem with this tool is that that the contact management tools that it offers are not enough to handle an ambitious email marketing program. The first step in launching the campaign using this software is selecting the server type. It can either be SMTP or DNS. The rest is for the program to guide you through the setup process.

4. E-Campaign

E-campaign email marketing software from LmhSoft is a very powerful yet very cheap program whose standard version has an ability of sending up to 2000 mails. The professional version has the ability to handle unlimited number of mails. Unlike other programs that are web-based, this software is not very fast. It is nonetheless cheaper and sends even multi-threaded mails such that your SMTP server never times out before all the emails have been delivered. A standout feature of e-Campaign is its ability to code web pages before importing them to emails without the task of uploading many images or style sheets. It is equally easy for you to import sound files as well as attach many files in the form of images.

5. Mach5 Mailer

Mach5 Mailer email marketing software is a product that gives users the luxury of creating as many HTML email marketing campaigns as possible. The features that the program uses for creating emails are just wonderful in terms of providing statistical reports of the progress of the campaign. The only problem is that this email marketing software is not very easy to use. The manual used is very technical and one has to keep referring to it when starting an email marketing campaign. This product comes with a special feature that enables the user to personalize every email message with the name of the recipient. If used appropriately, the software can be very effective. This software comes with a very strict policy against spamming.

6. Email Analyst

Email Analyst™ is another good email marketing tool, a product of the popular Email Data Source. Find out what is happening in the world of email marketing, from basic company information to who is doing business with whom. The Email Analyst is a state of the art service that provides complete insight and transparency into the world of email marketing. With data on over 25,000 companies stretching back to 2003, Email Analyst™ is the ultimate due-diligence and competitive analysis tool.

7. Prospect Mailer

Prospect Mailer email marketing software is a product of Internet Marketing Technologies and has an ability to handle mails that whose bulkiness is of average level. It is rather easy to use and can handle email marketing projects that are not stuffed with so many multi-media features. The products lacks in terms of some of the reporting features that are found in other bulk mail handling products. Prospect Mailer, however, comes with a wizard that guides the user through the whole process of setting up the system.

8. Broadcast Email

Broadcast is a state of the art email marketing software that offers unique features. Although, the price of the software is a little expensive at $299, however, it is a powerful email marketing software. Another great feature of the Broadcast software is its automation features that help you automate emails. It also enables you to handle your account rather well with the advanced administration interface. This email marketing software is ideal for safeguarding people’s personal information and it teaches you how to create and send emails.

9. Multi Email

Multiemail email marketing software is available as a two-section package. It has a Message Editor and a Data Entry section. The Message Editor section is the one that allows you to create bulk mail. The Data Entry is the one that allows you to enter all the details of your customer, including name, address, phone number and email address. Combining the two sections, the software turns out to be a robust email marketing software. Run great email campaigns and track leads with this ultimate email marketing software.

10. Email Marketing Director

Email Marketing Director is one of the best tools for creating a professional campaign with a potential to bring instant marketing success. This software makes the work of reporting HTML pages very easy. These HTML pages are easy to create as well as edit. Marketing Director comes with numerous features that enable you create very effective bulk emails. It is easy to add hyperlinks, posts, subscripts, images and many other options.

11. Handymailer

Handymailer email marketing software is a product of Bladesoft Corporation. Anyone can use it to create a competitive marketing campaign even if he is very new to operations involving bulk mail. The only problem with this software is that it has a very limited reporting section. The product also lacks pre-made templates that would ordinarily make the work of harmonizing bulk mail easy and fast. The email creation features of Handymailer are of standard quality. Your emails are as easy to handle as text messages. They can also be as complex as HTML pages, depending on the settings that you put in place. In the case of HTML pages, your mail comes with images, sound files, style sheets and email attachments.

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