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Along with other necessary software components, FTP software is one of the most important webmaster tools. If you run an online business, perhaps you are already aware of the usage of a FTP software. For those who have limited information about FTP software, here is some basic information followed by a list of top ten FTP software tools you can use to make your life easier. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, a software used to transfer files over the internet from a computer to the web server. So if you wish to publish a website or web page over the internet, you need FTP software to transfer files from your computer to the web server. There are many quality FTP software available and we have compiled this top ten list of best FTP software for you.

Filezilla FTP

FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client that is highly recommended by millions of webmasters worldwide. The software is power packed with lots of useful features like ease-of-use, supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS), SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and offers an intuitive graphical user interface. Filezilla FTP is a cross platform FTP software that runs effectively on Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and other operating systems. One of the best things about Filezilla is that it supports ‘resume and transfer’ of large files greater than 4GB. Offering a powerful site manager and file transfer queue, Filezilla is the first choice of millions of webmasters worldwide. FileZilla is a free FTP software!

CoffeeCup Direct FTP

CoffeeCup Direct FTP comes with some very important tools such as HTML editor, image and font wizards, and an archiving tool for zipped documents. The software is available in two versions: Free and Paid. CoffeeCup free FTP software is simply great. The paid version single license for this product costs $34. The packages are just the ideal ones for both web designers and developers. If you are a web designer who wishes to spend working on budget this sounds like a great option. CoffeeCup is fast, reliable and most of all, a secure FTP client which transfers files at a much higher speed as compared to other FTP software. CoffeeCup FTP has won awards and lots of appreciation from home users and business segments.

Ace FTP Pro

AceFTP is a package that offers freeware although there is the Pro version whereby a single license costs as little as $20. This is a very functional program that includes both implicit and explicit SSL. It also has the compatibilities of SOCKS 4 and 5. This program is special in that you can set the ideal transfer speeds. Scheduling of transfers is also possible. The program is a smart one in terms of functionality and price. The only problem is that it is rather difficult to find out how different requests are verified.

Smart FTP

This software has the ability to offer double-sided transfers that are secure. The transfers are verified through SSL/TLS connections. Verifications are done through basic filtering. In addition to this it supports basic filtering as well as Clear Command Channel. This SmartSoft’s program is efficient whether you acquire it for free or whether it is for commercial use. In the latter case, it retails for $36.95. The modules offered are in more than 15 localized languages. These modules handle forums that are not in the English language.

Cute FTP Pro

Cute FTP Pro supports many popular protocols that handle security, including SSH and SSL/TLS encryption. HTTPS pages and ciphers that are handled include TripleDES, Twofish and Blowfish. CuteFTP has just about everything that you need in typical FTP software. It supports all secure transfers. It even has a very important site manager and folder tools that are handled within the scope of numerous global options. This product is offered by GlobalSCAPE at $5.99 for each license that one buys. There are seven interface languages to choose from. There is a Windows and a Mac version to choose from too.


WS_FTP Pro is a product of Ipswitch, Inc. and it offers a very attractive set of security features. The product is also an ideal tool for the task of transferring configuration settings. A license goes for $54.95 while it costs $89.95 to have support capabilities. The product is also available in packages that are in other languages other than English. The packages offered are also categorized into developer and server packages. Configuration work using WS_FTP Pro is handled in terms of connection, transfer, and prompt, general and interface settings. The product also comes with backup tools such that it is very easy for one to compress files to either a USB or a DVD drive. The product also works perfectly well with any network directory, FTP site, internet hosting service or server connection.

Wise FTP

WISE–FTP is known for its ability to work with many encryption algorithms such as TripleDES, Blowfish, RijnDael, and PGP. The program also allows the use of anonymous logins while at the same time checking requests by XCRC. The connectivity and transfer ability is very excellent. Some of these abilities include keep alive, reconnect, resume as well as the capacity to maintain the running of multiple threads apart from opening multiple connections. The features of this program are designed to save time while ensuring efficiency of operations. WISE-FTP is also the type of a program that is ideal for one who handles the same types of tasks regularly.

FTP Voyager

Rhino Software is the manufacturer of this product of the product whose connection abilities are excellent. The price of its license is $39.95. This price is subject to upgrades of one year. Other options are department, enterprise and site licenses. Encryption functionality of this security program is in the form of 128–bit SSL and FTPS exchange. This FTP program also has the ability to verify XCRC transfers. Streaming compression is another feature that really adds value to the product. Another important feature is mirroring and file synchronization.

FTP Commander

InternetSoft Corporation is the company that offers this product. This is truly a deluxe version that offers special features due to the capabilities of excellent FTP tools that are both secure and efficient. The package handled both explicit and implicit SSL. It also handles SSH type transfers and TLS. In addition to the above features, the product makes use of transfer verification checks, among them MD5 and SHA. The verification checks that this program handles are almost similar to the ones that are handled by SmartFTP.

BulletProof FTP

BulletProof FTP is very flexible and is able to import listings of a site from Cute FTP, FTP Explorer and WS_FTP. This program has the ability to reconnect as well as resume settings in addition to being to support multiple connections. BulletProof Software user reviews indicate that the program has the ability to maintain compatibility with proxies and firewalls. BulletProof FTP software is easy to work with and it transfers files to web server efficiently. If you are not nostalgic about the looks and design of FTP software, then BulletProof FTP comes with the simplest design yet powerful options.

FTP Explorer

In FTP Explorer, user tools have the highest rated features. The drag and drop tool is the most effective feature. This program handles both the basic functions such as reconnect and resume. The only problem is that the program is a bit old-school styled in that it works best with Windows 95. It is no wonder that it does not support firewalls of the SOCKS type. It is only the tools that enable ease of navigation that make the product to secure a position among the best ten FTP software. Many users who have reviewed it say that it presents a cheap way of handling the reconnection and resumption functions. The price of license for FTP Explorer is $35.99. This is a price that can enable you buy a SmartFTP, which is more up-to-date and with higher levels of functionality.

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