Top 10 Web Analytics Services

While it is important to have a great looking website, it is equally important to have strong web analytics to track what your customers are clicking and which pages they spend most of their time. Before you get into signing up for a web analytics service, read this top ten web analytics article and understand why web analytics are used. Most successful businesses know how to use web analytics effectively to convert their visitors to sales. They do little, but they do it right and take advantage of the real-time stats. This web analytics guide will answer most of your questions related to web analytics software, service or program.

This guide will also provide basic assistance to effectively use a web analytics service and take advantage of the features available. Once you know and understand the uses of website analytics software/service, you can move over to the list of top ten web analytics services which will familiarize you with our hand-picked best 10 web analytics.

This web analytics guide is an effort to provide basic information about website analytics software, answer your how-to questions and highlight the best web analytics software and services for your business. Smart webmasters understand the need of a strong web analytics service to understand visitor-behavior on their business websites. With the help of statistical data, they work on those parts of the website where they can turn a visitor to a customer/sale. Understanding user-behavior on your business portal is the key to success.

This guide will answer these questions:

  • What is web analytics software or service?
  • Why use web analytics software or service?
  • What are the benefits of using web analytics?
  • How can web analytics help my business?
  • Which are the top ten web analytics?
  • What is the difference between free web analytics and a paid web analytics?
  • Why should I pay when free web analytics are available?
  • How to setup a web analytics code on my website?
  • How to check stats after setting up the code?

Web Analytics Guide

  • Web analytics definition
  • Uses of web analytics
  • Free web analytics
  • Premium web analytics
  • Free web analytics vs paid/premium
  • Custom dashboards
  • Top ten web analytics
  • Web analytics deals and discounts

Web Analytics Definition

According to Wikipedia, web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. In simple terms, it is a programmed software that tracks visitor behavior on your website in real-time. Web analytics software provides important information like: How a visitor found your website? What search terms a visitor used on search engines to discover your website? After reaching your website, what activities did a visitor perform? Where did the visitor clicked? Where did a visitor spend most of the time? Which page is most interesting? And so on.

Uses of Web Analytics

Web analytics software or service can help you strengthen the performance of your website on the web. It can also help you to strengthen your pages internally by understanding user behavior on your website. This is the main reason why we published this top ten web analytics article. Although there are many uses of web analytics but listing a few. Using a web analytics software or service, you can understand:

  • how a visitor landed up on your website?
  • what search terms they used to discover your website?
  • how many visitors you received in a day/month/year?
  • what activities visitor(s) performed on your website?
  • what are the most interesting pages where users spend most time?
  • how to convert your visitors to sales?
  • how to track your ad-campaigns
  • how to track areas of improvement

Using these statistical figures and statistical data, you can analyze the performance of your business website and get better results from visitors approaching your site through organic search results, through ad-campaigns and through links on other sites across web.

Free Web Analytics

There are many web analytics service providers that offer free services. The list below of top ten web analytics shows paid and free service providers. To name a few free services: Statcounter, Google web analytics, etc. There are many free web analytics service providers, however, most of these services have some limitations. For eg., if you use Statcounter web analytics, there is a limitation of tracking last 500 visitors on your website. Same goes with other website analytics services. If you are running a hobby website where you are not that concerned about user behavior on your website, then you would be better off with sticking to a free web analytics solution. However, if you are searching for a good and reliable web analytics service for your business, you need a better solution so that you can track and analyze user behavior on your website(s) without any sort of limitations.

Premium/Paid Web Analytics

Premium or Paid web analytics services offer advanced analytics system so that you can fully track and analyze user behavior on your website(s). Each visitor who visits your website and closes your website without purchasing anything, is total loss for you. Chances are that a lost visitor may be a customer for your competitor. If you wish to stay ahead of your competitors, you really need the best web analytics software or service that can help you work on those areas of your website where visitors are spending most of their time. Most trusted premium web analytics services offer advanced tools to track visitors and collect amount of statistical data that can be extremely useful. This article about the top ten web analytics is written for this purpose only.

Free vs Paid Web Analytics

Free web analytics service have limitations and less options as compared to the trusted paid web analytics services. Premium web analytics services are equipped with advanced tools that can be really helpful in gaining edge over your competitors.

Custom Dashboards

A very good feature of a good web analytics services is the custom dashboards. Good web analytics services like Clicktale, iWebTrack and other such services offer custom dashboards that can be customized to track visitors and generate reports easily. Customize your dashboard once and save it. Thereafter, you can use this dashboard over and again to fetch reports easily. There are other features that offer ease of use, however, there are quite a few web analytics services that offer custom dashboards. Not all of the analytics services in our top ten web analytics article offer all services except a few like Clicktale!

Top Ten Web Analytics Services

This list of top ten web analytics feature the best web analytics services that are robust, trusted, valuable and rule the industry since years. This list is based on our research, reviews on the web and personal testing. These ten website analytics services are equally good, however, they specialize in different areas of the subject web analytics.

  1. Clicktale web analytics
  2. iWebtrack web analytics
  3. Onestat web analytics
  4. Statcounter web analytics
  5. Google web analytics
  6. Yahoo web analytics
  7. Blvdstatus web analytics
  8. Webtrends web analytics
  9. Shinystat web analytics
  10. Crazyegg web analytics

Clicktale Web Analytics

clicktale analyticsClicktale is a totally new approach to website analysis and optimization. Those days are long gone when webmasters used to recommend traditional web analytics services. Clicktale provides in-depth reports of individual visitors of ‘what they are doing on your website’. Ever thought of watching in real time what a visitor is doing on your website? Yes, Clicktale provides movies of browser sessions when visitors browse from one page to the other on your website. The ‘movie analytics sessions’ and in-depth reports with bar charts and meaningful reports, webmasters can easily work on those areas where they want the visitor to go. All of these reports together help a webmaster to turn visitors into customers and sales.

ClickTale is a hosted service, so no software installation on the server or client side is needed and visitors can browse your website as they always have. Account setup takes only a few minutes. As with other web analytics packages, website owners add a small piece of JavaScript code to their web pages. The JavaScript collects browsing data and transmits it to the Clicktale servers for processing.

ClickTale creates movies of browsing sessions in minutes, and website owners can log-in securely at any time to view these movies. If you are a serious webmaster and really do care to know how to increase the productivity of your website, a good web analytics service is a must and looking at the number of options available to a webmaster, Clicktale really stands out to be the best web analytics service. Clicktale is #1 in our list of the top ten web analytics of year 2011.

iWebTrack Web Analytics

iwebtrack analyticsBeing in the analytics industry since years, iWebTrack has the fastest growing webmaster’s database. iWebTrack offers the real deal web analytics, visitor tracking, visitor activity, page loads activity, advertising campaigns, site statistics, website monitoring and a lot more than you can imagine.

iWebTrack specializes in providing the deep inside-information of how a visitor found your website. Whether a user landed on your site through a PPC campaign (including print/radio/television advertising), through a bookmark or stumbled across through a search engine. Dig-down deep information focusing a single visitor. Understand user’s browsing habits on your site(s), know what is working best and what is working least. Increase your earnings and revenue by tracking visitors through PPC campaigns and convert visitors to customers by working on those pages where users are visiting the most.

The iWebTrack web analytics are designed for ecommerce websites where your first priority is customer-experience and converting visitors to sales. The programmers who designed the analytics are those who have been in the industry since a long time and have personally experienced each and every aspect of the analytics system. iWebTrack analytics is the most comprehensive web stats/analysis service available and costs less than one third of similar analytics services. iWebTrack is #2 in our list of the top ten web analytics of year 2011.

OneStat Web Analytics

onestat analyticsApproved by the Web Analytics Association, OneStat offers services that are admired by millions of ecommerce businesses. OneStat services range from personal website web analytics to Enterprise level web analytics and traffic analysis services. OneStat is an active member of the Analytics Association and constantly works to improve the quality of web analytics solutions.

The professional plan starts from $10.42/month and offers real-time tracking of unique visitors, detailed page views, visits, visitor reports, visitor behavior reports, in-depth search engine analysis, detailed referral reports, geo-location reports, ISP reports, IP address tracking reports and many other tools to make the best out of your traffic.

OneStat Enterprise web analytics is useful for large businesses and heavily trafficked websites. Starting at $155.83/month, it is best for large scale ecommerce websites where your priorities are customer-experience, funneling down customers and maximizing your revenue from paid advertisement campaigns. OneStat has served the top ecommerce clients like HP, Fujifilm, Thomas Cook, Cornell University and many more best of the breed. OneStat is #3 in our list of the top ten web analytics of year 2011.

Statcounter Web Analytics

statcounter analyticsStatcounter offers free web analytics and traffic analyzing service. Statcounter’s unique services have been used by millions of customers across internet. The free account gives you all that you need to know about the amount of traffic your website is receiving.

Probably the best free tool to find out popular pages on your site, the entry/exit pages, keywords used to visit your site on search engines, which search engines are sending traffic to your website, other sites that are sending visitors to your website, visitor paths to know how users/visitors are interacting with your website, visitor maps to show detailed report of what part of the world are visitors coming from, detailed reports of browsers used to access your website, detailed pageload reports showing what exactly your visitors are searching for on your website, what are they downloading, the IP address of your visitors and many more reports to understand user-behavior on your website.

The Statcounter web analytics also provide in detail information of keywords used, referring website address, visitor’s computer resolution, ISP information of visitors, IP address of visitors and other useful information to make your life easier as a webmaster. The free account allows you to track upto 500 pageloads, however, if you wish to get more juice out of your account, you need to upgrade and buy more pageloads on monthly basis. StatCounter is #4 in our list of the top ten web analytics of year 2011.

Google Web Analytics

google analyticsGoogle Analytics is probably the most used web analytics service across websites of all sizes, from personal websites to ecommerce websites. Google Analytics is power packed with a lot of tools and reports. The best part is that integrating Google analytics on your site is as easy as breeze.

The Advanced Segmentation system allows you to differentiate the traffic to understand where visitors came from to your website. Motion Charts help you to compare the traffic numbers and display them in beautiful graphs. Design your own motion charts to display your efforts to pull traffic to your client’s website. The admin panel can be customized easily to display your favorite reports on the dashboard page.

There are other great tools like custom reports, keyword & campaign comparison, internal site search, benchmarking, trend and date slider, and other tools to search and compare your web efforts and find out what visitors are doing on your site. The best of all, you can schedule emails that contain important metrics and reports displaying your web efforts to drive traffic to your or your client’s website. All these tools together give you the power to understand what your visitors like and don’t like on your website. Google Analytics is #5 in our list of the top ten web analytics of year 2011.

Yahoo Web Analytics

yahoo web analyticsYahoo Web Analytics is another great web analytics service. Yahoo acquired the IndexTools and Yahoo web analytics was born. Providing the real-time insight of visitor behavior on your website, Yahoo stands out with powerful and flexible dashboards and options. Designed to serve enterprise level websites and marketers, it gives a webmaster to make the most out of their heavily trafficked websites.

Increase your sales and revenue with the help of real-time web analytics, compare data reports as Yahoo analytics help you keep track of historical data and compare present and past data reports to understand your web efforts. With features like drag & drop, data filters, custom report wizards, segmentation selector, custom alerts, dashboard customization and many more, webmasters can easily track performance or characteristics of specific pages, products, visitors and customers.

Moreover, the Executive Analytics Dashboard allows you to display customized key performance metrics. Customize your dashboard with the metrics, benchmarks and gauges that meet your specific needs. The Custom Analytics Reports allows webmasters to tailor reports according to the type of your website, optional fields are always handy to track specific activity on your website. Yahoo web analytics also offers PPC management, merchandise reporting, visitor tracking, comparative reporting, advanced path analysis and marketing workflow management. Yahoo Analytics is #6 in our list of the top ten web analytics of year 2011.

BLVDStatus Web Analytics

blvdstatus analyticsYou must have heard a lot about web analytics sites (and software) that can help you track your sales conversions. Right? Oh well, its kind of boring talking about those sites/software. There are thousands of such analytics services on the net. But why is BLVDStatus different from others? The reason is simple, it offers a lot more than just sales conversions tracking.

BLVDStatus analytics is probably the best analytics to track what your visitors are clicking on your site the most. Ever wonder how many people are subscribing to your blog? BLVDStatus analytics helps a webmaster understand which stories and news are the visitors interested in most, which social site are they bookmarking the story to. The interface simply speaks for itself. It is so easy to understand user-activity in different sections.

All user-activity including Referral link, page load activity, user visit lengths, visitor paths, RSS subscription clicks, Social Media clicks and other activity is added to the analytics screens. Overall, BLVDStatus makes great buzz among webmasters even though it is new to the analytics industry. BLVDStatus is #7 in our list of the top ten web analytics of year 2011.

WebTrends Web Analytics

webtrends analyticsWebTrends offers top of the line products and services for webmasters and websites of all sizes. WebTrends Analytics allows you to measure all aspects of your organization’s online presence, from static site content to what customers are doing on your blogs. Enhanced support for open standards lets you connect aggregate online data with purchasing, sales and other enterprise systems to get one view of your customers and data. WebTrends Connect helps webmasters to connect to systems using ODBC, web services, Smart Reports for MS Excel, Analytics Report Exporter and other methods.

Using WebTrends analytics service, webmasters can analyze massive data sets while accessing securely millions of rows of website data. Webmasters can also maximize their web 2.0 investments by measuring and testing how visitors and members interact with rich internet applications like online videos, RSS feeds, consumer-generated media and more.

Analyze web traffic with advanced reports and dynamic graphs. Identify and engage with successful content, channels, partners and campaigns. Promote those that are getting the most website traffic and understand how well are the visitors/customers interacting with your website. The WebTrends web analytics are packed with powerful industry leading tools reports to provide webmasters that extra information that is essential to monetize their web traffic. WebTrends is #8 in our list of the top ten web analytics of year 2011.

ShinyStat Web Analytics

shinystat analyticsShinyStat is in the web analytics industry since year 1994. With years of experience and industry standard tools & reports, ShinyStat has become one of the top free web analytics service. ShinyStat has served ecommerce websites and merchants like iGrandiViaggi, CISL, TeleMarket, RHIAG, Deborah Group, Gabetti Property Solutions and many more well known business entities.

One really cool feature of ShinyStat web analytics is the ShinyStat ISP which enables its partners to measure the traffic of numerous sites at the same time and to enjoy particularly advantageous resale conditions. ShinyStat offers free web analytics service for small sized businesses and webmasters with all-new websites. The ShinyStat Business analytics solution helps webmasters to manage their PPC and Paid advertisement campaigns better with the help of advanced visitor reports.

Tracking visitor paths and visitor activity, makes it easy for a webmaster to work on those areas of your website where the users are visiting the most. Enhance customer-experience by finding what your visitors like the most and which pages are most popular. Setup scheduled reports and use advanced tools to monetize your website fully. ShinyStat is #9 in our list of the top ten web analytics of year 2011.

CrazyEgg Web Analytics

crazyegg analyticsCrazyEgg web analytics offers advanced visitor tracking features like creating page tests to know how well is your page performing. Use heatmaps to know which areas of your web pages or website are more popular and where does visitors like spending more time. Dig a little deeper and find out where people click based upon the things like: Top 15 Referrers, Search Terms, Operating System, Browser, etc. Take a look at the hard data with the help of customizable lists of data.

You can also export the information and play with it using your favorite spreadsheet application. Share data with people who matter to you. Clients, bosses, imaginary friends, and people you are trying to sell ad space to. Test results are saved automatically so you can look at them later. We store an exact copy of your page so you can make design or content changes and compare how those changes affect the results. RSS and Email Notifications helps you stay informed on all of your tests that are running. You can pick to be notified via email and/or RSS. There are many more options available to you as a webmaster when you sign up with them. CrazyEgg is #10 in our list of the top ten web analytics of year 2011.

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