• Customize SAP PowerDesigner
  • Explore the SAP PowerDesigner Meta-model
  • Create custom stereotypes to include business logic within a model
  • Control generation settings and behaviors using transformations
  • Implement naming standards and conversion tables
  • Create custom menu items
  • Create custom checks to implement business logic inside the model
  • Analyze how objects interact with Impact Analysis


  • Business Analyst
  • Data Consultant / Manager
  • Developer
  • Enterprise Architect




  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP PowerDesigner 16.5


  • Impact and Lineage Analysis
    • Configuring Links between Models
    • Generating an Impact Analysis Model
    • Modifying an Impact Analysis Model
  • Generation Template Language
    • Customizing the Components of Generation Template Language (GTL)
    • Using GTL Variables
    • Using Macros in GTL Code
  • Metamodel
    • Examining the Metamodel
    • Examining the Metamodel Structure
  • User Interface Customization
    • Identifying Files for Model Customization
    • Creating Extension Files
    • Creating Custom Properties
    • Classifying Objects and Customizing their Display
    • Creating Multi-Valued Properties
    • Defining Custom Import from XML
    • Generating Multiple Objects Between Models
  • Code Generation and Customization of Features
    • Configuring Language Files
    • Customizing SQL Generation
    • Scripting Customizations
    • Customizing Model Features
    • Customizing Model Generation