Best Email Marketing Software

best email marketing software

I was going through my emails today and found a couple of emails that looked like some sort of advertisement emails. I’m pretty sure, you know my reaction. I generally get irate when I find emails related to product advertisement. So, my first reaction was pretty bad, however, when I opened this email I had a different reaction. The email was so beautifully designed that I couldn’t stop myself from reading the content. Being a designer, I loved the design of this particular email. It is amazing, I enjoyed that email. Of course, I didn’t buy the product(s) that were included in the email because I didn’t want them. But let’s keep the product thing apart and let’s talk about the email itself.

We all understand that email marketing is a great tool for the success of our businesses over the internet and we certainly can’t overlook it. Email marketing is really effective and you can see instant results if you do it right! But how can we do it successfully while keeping the end user interested in reading our emails? The answer is: using an effective email marketing software that can create beautiful emails for your customers. Check this top ten list of best email marketing software and familiarize yourself with the best software for creating goregeous emails for your subscribers and your customers. Continue reading “Best Email Marketing Software”

Top 10 Web Analytics Services

best web analytics services

While it is important to have a great looking website, it is equally important to have strong web analytics to track what your customers are clicking and which pages they spend most of their time. Before you get into signing up for a web analytics service, read this top ten web analytics article and understand why web analytics are used. Most successful businesses know how to use web analytics effectively to convert their visitors to sales. They do little, but they do it right and take advantage of the real-time stats. This web analytics guide will answer most of your questions related to web analytics software, service or program. Continue reading “Top 10 Web Analytics Services”

Budget Web Hosting: Top 7 Cheap Web Hosting Reviews 2014

budget web hosting

Choosing a good web host doesn’t mean paying loads of money for this service. At present, there are several budget web hosting providers offering reliable service, ample server space, email, auto script, technical support and minimal downtime. The quality standard of cheap web hosting has really improved in recent years.

If you are looking for a reasonable solution, look no further. The 7 best budget hosting companies have been reviewed for making the selection much simpler and effective. Continue reading “Budget Web Hosting: Top 7 Cheap Web Hosting Reviews 2014”

Top Ten Content Management Systems

top ten content management systems

Designing a new website is feasible and cost-effective nowadays than ever before. There are a number of great quality content management systems available to begin with. Programmers are constantly developing new CMS (Content Management System) and adding great features. Custom designed websites are still in demand but the trends show a sky-rocketing inclination to the usage of content management systems. CMS are a great way to quickly setup and publish a website. This is one good reason that freelancers are bending themselves to learn working with the best content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. CMS are a great way to cut designing/programming costs and deliver projects faster than ever before. We have compiled this top ten list of best content management systems to familiarize you with the best solutions when it comes to getting your next website designed. Continue reading “Top Ten Content Management Systems”