• Plan and execute SAP landscape transformation projects using the product SAP Landscape Transformation


  • Business Expert: a business process or application expert, ideally with experiences in implementation or transformation projects and basic knowledge about SAP Solution Manager.
  • Technical Execution Expert: An expert responsible for application or basis in IT with:
    • Detailed application knowledge as well as knowledge about the architectural design (domains/table structures) of affected SAP application (for example SAP Financials for a chart of accounts conversion).
    • Strong knowledge of SAP NW applications, for example transactions such as SE 38, SE 80, SE16 and SAP Solution Manager.
  • Project Lead: Technical project lead, ideally with experience in implementation or transformation projects, and basic knowledge of SAP Solution Manager
  • Other Project Team Members: Project members using project roadmaps and other SAP Solution Manager features: strong knowledge of SAP Solution Manager recommended



  • Basic knowledge of the SAP Solution Manager
  • Basic knowledge/experience in ABAP workbench
  • Basic knowledge in system administration


  • Knowledge in one SAP application such as logistics or financials

Course based on software release

  • SAP Landscape Transformation (SAP LT), Version 2, Support Package 08


  • Introduction to SAP Landscape Transformation
  • The SAP Landscape Transformation Work Center
  • Data Transformation Roadmap – Guide through the Project Phases
  • Analysis within SAP Landscape Transformation
  • Basic Technology and Generic Functions
  • Transformation Capability: Unify and Transform Data
  • Transformation Capability: Leverage Sell, Buy, and Restructure
  • Transformation Capability: Consolidate and Reduce IT Cost (including Shell Creation and HCM Transformations)
  • Outlook on the SAP LT Platform and complementing Transformation Solutions
  • Certification test for the SAP E2E Solution Operations Certification as Landscape Transformation Expert

LT100 - SAP Landscape Transformation

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