• The objectives of this learning map are to familiarize you with SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight 4.0. You will be able to describe the business benefit, new features, and workflows of Event Insight. You will gain a solid introduction to implementing and supporting the release through the various learning elements of the learning map.


  • Solution Consultant
  • Technical Consultant



  • * You should be familiar with basic network and web application know- how.
  • Knowledge of SQL is a must (they have to learn CCL of Sybase CEP which is a dialect of SQL for event queries)
  • Knowledge of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 is a must
  • Knowledge of interacting with SAP applications (RFCs and tables) is very useful
  • Knowledge of interacting with DBs is useful
  • If you need to create custom adapters for proprietary APIs at the customer site, knowledge of Java is a must


  • Overview
  • Query Graphs and Business User Integration
  • Input Adapters
  • Security
  • Summary