Top Ten Antivirus Software

top ten antivirus software

This list of Top Ten Antivirus is compiled after a deep study and analysis of various Antivirus programs available on the internet. The top 10 antivirus mentioned below are the cream of the crop and millions of users across globe have used them. The list is compiled keeping in mind these metrics: functionality, ease of use, technical agility, stealth, threat detection, periodic virus definition updates, ability to update without interrupting a user, blocking threats before they harm files, and many other metrics. Continue reading “Top Ten Antivirus Software”

Best Antivirus for Windows 7

Antivirus Reports asked nearly 20000 readers which is the best antivirus for Windows 7 out of top ten antivirus when they want to protect their computer. The results: No matter which operating system is it, the best antivirus software should be used to keep your computer safe. Windows 7 is said to be the ultimate operating system for Windows lovers. While this new operating system is gorgeous and fast, the security concerns are equally important. Only the best antivirus for Windows 7 should be used to secure your computer from virus and malicious codes spread on the internet. Since it is a new operating system, there may be certain vulnerabilities that can allow viruses to do the damage. Continue reading “Best Antivirus for Windows 7”

Top Ten Electronics 2010

top electronics 2010

If you have been wondering which electronics products are most popular in recent years, here is a list of top ten electronics for you. The list includes all those electronics products that gained popularity within few days of the launch. These electronics items have gained a lot of popularity among people of all ages. I have read count-less reviews of these electronic gadgets on thousands of websites. The electronics items are more like an addiction to those who love ultimate electronics. These items have almost became a necessity in the modern world. Also, these top ten electronics are affordable and anyone can buy these products to make their life easier. So have a look what’s worth a buzz and if you don’t see your favorite electronics item in this list, feel free to recommend it. Continue reading “Top Ten Electronics 2010”

Budget Web Hosting: Top 7 Cheap Web Hosting Reviews 2014

budget web hosting

Choosing a good web host doesn’t mean paying loads of money for this service. At present, there are several budget web hosting providers offering reliable service, ample server space, email, auto script, technical support and minimal downtime. The quality standard of cheap web hosting has really improved in recent years.

If you are looking for a reasonable solution, look no further. The 7 best budget hosting companies have been reviewed for making the selection much simpler and effective. Continue reading “Budget Web Hosting: Top 7 Cheap Web Hosting Reviews 2014”

Top Ten Content Management Systems

top ten content management systems

Designing a new website is feasible and cost-effective nowadays than ever before. There are a number of great quality content management systems available to begin with. Programmers are constantly developing new CMS (Content Management System) and adding great features. Custom designed websites are still in demand but the trends show a sky-rocketing inclination to the usage of content management systems. CMS are a great way to quickly setup and publish a website. This is one good reason that freelancers are bending themselves to learn working with the best content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. CMS are a great way to cut designing/programming costs and deliver projects faster than ever before. We have compiled this top ten list of best content management systems to familiarize you with the best solutions when it comes to getting your next website designed. Continue reading “Top Ten Content Management Systems”

Top Ten Internet Security Software

best internet security software

Internet Security software is a package of programmed software that protects a computer against unauthorized access by hackers, virus, spyware, adware, trojans, malware, spam and other harmful/malicious computer codes and it is best to have internet security software that offers important components like antivirus, antispyware, antispam, antimalware, firewall, parental control, controlled access to programs, Wi-Fi Security, secure messaging, etc. all in one complete package.

To summarize, internet security in general, is one complete package that provides full control over how your computer communicates with the internet. Internet security software acts as a shield between your computer and the internet. Only those programs can communicate with the internet that you as a user allow. Here is a list of best internet security software 2010, compiled after reading thousands of useful reviews and ratings on various forums, websites and other resources on the internet. The list provides useful information about the top ten internet security software 2010 recommended by thousands of computer users. Continue reading “Top Ten Internet Security Software”

Top Ten Antivirus 2011

best antivirus 2011

The competition for Best Top Ten Antivirus 2011 gets in to the next round. As we presented the Top Ten Antivirus article a few months ago, now it is time to test drive the Top 10 Antivirus programs 2011. As the threat to PC security increases day by day through different and new forms of viruses and malware, it is important to know and understand various types of threat levels. Earlier, viruses were written and spread by some hobby computer enthusiasts just for the sake of fun.

Today, different types of viruses exist which are programmed by superior programmers to damage computer security systems and gain access to sensitive data on computers. These new viruses can be way more damaging to a computer as compared to the conventional viruses written in past. The new forms of viruses are written to compromise mass computer systems and infect as many computers as possible. Virus code writers program their virus codes to spread infection automatically from one computer to the other and then release their virus codes over the internet. This results in millions of computers getting affected from that virus. Only a good, fully tested and regularly updated antivirus software can block such wild viruses. Continue reading “Top Ten Antivirus 2011”

Top Ten Best RC Jets of 2009

top ten rc jets

Remote Controlled toys are gaining lots of popularity these days and RC jets are extremely popular hobby toys. These hobby toys are smart toys that are designed based on the real jets. They can fly high, do lots of tricks and look awesome! Learning to fly these RC jets is easier now, thanks to the manuals and practice software kits that are available at cheap cost. We have compiled this top ten list of best RC jets based on user experience, user reviews and user testimonials left on hundreds of forums and websites across the internet. Most of these RC jets are RTF (Ready To Fly) and you won’t have to assemble too many parts together to take it off the ground. So, which RC jet in this list is your favorite? Continue reading “Top Ten Best RC Jets of 2009”