• This Course will prepare you to:
    • List key features and benefits of SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME)
    • Explain the basic concepts of integration between SAP ERP and SAP ME
    • Define and configure the functional features of the SAP ME product
    • Work in the environment where SAP ERP and SAP ME are integrated


  • Project leaders
  • Project team members
  • Solution consultants



  • None


  • Knowledge of the manufacturing life cycle

Course based on software release

  • ME 15.1


  • SAP ME Application Infrastructure
  • Setting Up a Basic Production Line in SAP Manufacturing
  • Running Production and Building a Product in SAP ME
  • Data Collection in SAP ME
  • Working with Floor Stock in SAP ME
  • Configuring Dashboards for Production Operators in SAP ME
  • Messaging
  • Managing Nonconformances (NC) in SAP ME
  • Managing the Product on the Shop Floor
  • Performing Sampling in SAP ME
  • Monitoring and Analysis Production
  • Equipment Management
  • SAP ME Data Management
  • Labor Tracking in SAP ME
  • SAPMEINT Integration to ECC
  • Appendix

SCM750 - Processes in Manufacturing Execution

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