Sothink SWF Decompiler for MAC

Sothink SWF Decompiler for Mac is a Flash development software running on Mac OS. From our understanding, its functions can be categorized “from Learn to Use” according to the usage. So together with its functions, let’s see where to learn and where to use.

We’ll not talk too much for installation process since it only takes a minute with several clicks. The program takes 23 MB space on your hard disk which is not heavy at all.

After the installation, you’ll see the interface like this:

swf decompiler

Learn – SWF to FLA/FLEX source code

SWF to FLA/FLEX is the first important function of this Mac program. From usage perspective, we categorized it into “Learn”. As a matter of fact, it is very cool feature for learning.


Let’s suppose you have a pretty cool Flash (SWF file) and you wanna put to personal use like Flash teaching, learning or customize some of its parameters and settings to your own Flash design project. Previously, it was not an easy task because SWF is not editable. However, this tool can do that as it can restore FLA from SWF and convert SWF (made by FLEX) to FLEX source code.

That’s pretty cool in practical use like Flash teaching. Whether for teachers or students, it helps you to learn Flash in FLA; you are not going to miss anything like layout, structure, element inside a SWF; you can even check the ActionScript code. That’s why we call it “Decompiler”. BTW, it supports all SWF no matter which AS version used for creating it.

Learn – Extract SWF elements


Since it can restore FLA, it is capable of extracting all the elements in SWF file such as images, sounds, videos, texts, sprites and ActionScript. You can learn from these elements, understand how does it made of and be inspired to your own project.

Usage – Retrieve FLA


SWF to FLA can also be categorized in “Usage”. This is a really practical usage for so many Flash designers. In some cases, you just lost the FLA; and it’s pretty inconvenient to start over again. So if that happens to you, this program can help you retrieve the FLA.

You can make simple edit in this program; more importantly, you can make advanced edit and modification in Flash.

Usage – edit SWF resources


After learning, it’s time to do something cool. The program has a shape editor (WYSIWYG) for you to modify the extracted elements. You can customize parameters and settings, edit shape directly and replace image, text and sound. That is to say, you can create a brand new Flash after edit.

Usage – Flash to HTML5 conversion


Another usage of this program is that it supports Flash to HTML5 conversion. Mac SWF Decompiler is capable of converting simple SWF to HTML5; thus, you can play it in browsers that supports HTML5.

There are also other functional features in this Mac Flash Decompiler that we can’t list in a short review. So let’s simplify the words to conclude:

Pros: Excellent interpretation of SWF file, easy and quick to edit SWF elements, Support Flash CS3/CS4/CS5/CS5.5 and ActionScript 2.0/3.0, multiple export.

Cons: Only simple SWF can be converted to HTML5, complicated Flash to HTML5 conversion cannot be realized.

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