• • Describe the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence tools.
  • Apply basic functionality of BusinessObjects reporting tools
  • Identify the use cases of BusinessObjects reporting tools.
  • Use the Information Design Tool to extract, define, and manipulate metadata from relational and OLAP sources to create and deploy SAP BusinessObjects universes.
  • Combine data from different source systems with the SAP BusinessObjects BI client tools.


  • Roles involved with the implementation of SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, such as:
    • Solution and application consultants
    • Project team members
    • Data Managers
    • Report Designers



  • Working knowledge of SQL and relational, also OLAP database management systems concepts and structures


  • Basic knowledge of the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse platform and BEx Query Designer

Course based on software release

  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0
  • SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool BI 4.0
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.3


  • This course introduces the following SAP BusinessObjects tools:
    • The Information Design Tool
    • Web Intelligence
    • Crystal Reports
    • Analysis
    • Live Office
    • Dashboards
    • BusinessObjects Explorer
  • Specific focus will be on Information design tool:
    • What is the information design tool?
    • Work with Projects
    • Create a local project
    • About shared projects
    • Create a local project and retrieving a published Universe
    • Create the data foundation
    • Create a database connection
    • Create a data foundation
    • Define joins in a data foundation
    • Create a business layer
    • Create folders and objects
    • Create measure objects
    • Resolve Loops Use aliases
    • Resolve Loops Use contexts
    • Define data restrictions
    • Work with LOVs
    • Use Parameters restrict data
    • Use @functions also Aggregate Awareness
    • Create Derived Tables and Index Awareness
    • Maintain universes
    • Deplore and manage and
  • Certification examination for SAP Certified Application Associate – Modeling and Data Management with SAP BW 7.3 & SAP BI 4.0