Top Ten Antivirus Software

This list of Top Ten Antivirus is compiled after a deep study and analysis of various Antivirus programs available on the internet. The top 10 antivirus mentioned below are the cream of the crop and millions of users across globe have used them. The list is compiled keeping in mind these metrics: functionality, ease of use, technical agility, stealth, threat detection, periodic virus definition updates, ability to update without interrupting a user, blocking threats before they harm files, and many other metrics.

We have also provided information about other products by these antivirus companies (Antispyware, Firewall, Antispam, Parental control, etc.). Please keep in mind, there are free antivirus programs available online, however, most of them are provided with limited features and certainly the free antivirus programs do not provide full security against the increasing numbers of virus threats. If you are serious about your data, read on. Here goes the list of top ten best antivirus programs:

BitDefender Antivirus

bitdefender antivirusBitDefender Antivirus 2012 DiscountBitDefender Antivirus 2013 is gaining lots of popularity among home and enterprise users. Bitdefender won many awards and got much recognition from home and business consumers, the latest version is even more powerful providing advanced proactive protection against latest virus threats, spyware, phishing attacks, trojans, worms and identity theft. The best part is that BitDefender antivirus is among the cheapest antivirus software. Bitdefender goes that extra mile to not only protect from viruses through emails and software downloads, but also protects your computer while you are chatting with your friends and family through instant messengers.

Infection through instant messengers is common these days, you never know the file that your friend sent to you, may be triggered by a worm on your friend’s computer. You may think that the file came from a reliable resource and end up getting infected. Bitdefender protects your computer from such sneaky viruses, spyware and worms. It also protects your computer against the browser hijacking scripts when you are surfing the web. Just like other good antivirus programs, Bitdefender performs excellent in updating virus definitions regularly and apply updates without the need of restarting your computer.

Norton Antivirus

norton antivirusNorton Antivirus 2011Symantec is the oldest, most experienced and most popular company that has tailored security solutions for home computers to enterprise level computers. Symantec’s Norton Antivirus 2013 is well known and ‘most recommended’ computer security software of all times. With millions of customers worldwide, Symantec has the largest database of fans including customers who need security for their home computers, businesses that need security for their business computers, enterprises that need security for their enterprise computers, servers and intranets. Symantec has been a leader among the best computer and internet security software providers. Symantec has won many awards for being a pioneer in the security industry.

Symantec offers award-winning Norton Antivirus, award-winning Norton Firewall, complete Internet Security packages, anti-spyware, anti-spam software, parental control tools to protect your children and family from predators online and many other tools which have been fully tested. Symantec has always stayed on top of new viruses, spyware, malware, trojans and other malicious codes. They are fast with software updates and apply the best algorithms to invade new virus threats.

Symantec products are well known in the computer world and have been the best since years. Most businesses and fortune 500 companies prefer Symantec computer/internet security for their business and corporate computers. If you are looking for an effective antivirus or internet security package, Norton is the best heavy duty protection software while being light on your computer system’s resources.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

eset nod32 antivirusESET NOD32 Antivirus 2010ESET develops software solutions that deliver instant, comprehensive protection against evolving serious computer security threats. ESET is the fastest antivirus software and the AVG is the second fastest. ESET leads the antivirus industry because of its Proactive Threat Detection technology which ensures protection against even those viruses which are new to the computer world. This is achieved by actively monitoring the system files and system services and any threat to these files is blocked even if the latest virus definitions are not updated. Built on the award-winning ThreatSense® engine, ESET NOD32 Antivirus is a tightly integrated security solution that users can trust to protect their computers.

The antivirus provides high security levels against viruses, spyware, trojans, keyloggers, screenshot loggers, worms, adware, phishing, rootkits and other internal and external threats. Installing the NOD32 antivirus is a breeze and after installation, it is very light on the system. The best part is that you never feel any sluggishness or delay while working on your favorite programs, playing games, surfing the web, listening to music online and downloading files from the internet.

The antivirus updates virus definitions whenever they are available and silently installs them without interrupting a user. ESET stands out with the most number of awards than any other antivirus program. ESET has won well over 54 awards from Virus Bulletin alone, more than any other company won at Virus Bulletin. ESET also provides top Mobile Antivirus solutions.

Trend Micro Antivirus

trend micro antivirusTrend Micro AntivirusTrend Micro Antivirus 2013 goes an extra mile protecting your home computers, networks, mobile devices and personal data through one award-winning antivirus software. The Trend Micro Antivirus and the Trend Micro Antispyware are bundled together in one powerful package to protect your computer in real-time against high risk threats, viruses, spyware, trojans, worms and other malicious scripts. The real-time scanning protects your computer from BHO (Browser Helper Objects) and browser hijacking scripts when you are surfing over the internet.

The antispyware actively warns a user and protects computer from harmful websites that could inject browser hijacking scripts. The Email scanner ensures that none of the bad attachments or worms escape through to your computer. The scheduled and automatic scans protect your computer from getting further infection if you carry a virus through external sources like floppy, CD or DVD. The updates are breeze and the virus definitions are updated in the background to provide an uninterrupted user experience.

The best part is that the antivirus sends periodical alerts against threat outbreaks warning users to be extra careful while surfing web and downloading files off the internet. If you ever bump into a technical issue, Trend Micro provides free phone, email and chat support to help configure your antivirus and protect against latest virus threats. The Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security Pro is a one complete solution to provide 100% security to your computer and personal data.

Kaspersky Antivirus

kaspersky antivirusKaspersky AntivirusThe Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 is the best of all antivirus software and can be classified into three action categories: Preventive Protection, Essential Protection and Identity Theft Protection. Be it home computers or business computers, Kaspersky offers the best security solutions. If you are looking for Antivirus or Security for your business computers (50 computers, 100 computers or more), Kaspersky is the best. For information about Enterprise Solutions, read our Top Ten Enterprise Antivirus article where Kaspersky again tops the charts.

Kaspersky’s Preventive Protection helps protecting against new and unknown viruses through real-time proactive technology. It regularly scans the core operating system files and application files for possible vulnerabilities. Whenever Kaspersky Antivirus senses a malware site, it disables any navigation to and fro from that site. This is a wonderful utility to protect your system from sites that use malware scripts to harm your computer and get access to your computer system.

The Essential Protection helps protecting your computer against all sorts of viruses, spyware, malicious codes, trojans, adware and other types of infection. It proactively scans system files, email messages and internet traffic to catch threats that try to sneak through to your computer. The Identity Theft Protection actively warns you about phishing sites and harmful sites that can steal your sensitive data such as Credit Card number, banking information, important passwords and other important data.

Keeping your Kaspersky virus definitions updated is easy with the automated product updates and the graphical user interface is extremely configurable so that savvy users can configure and allow only those applications to access your computer that are not harmful.

PCTools Antivirus

PCTools antivirusPCTools AntivirustrackPCTools Antivirus 2013 and Firewall are comparatively very good security software available to protect your computer against most nefarious cyber-threats attempting to get unwanted access to your PC and personal data. To keep your computer system safe against fast spreading viruses like Netsky, Mytob, MyDoom and hundreds of other high-threat viruses, PCTools antivirus stands out to be among the best solutions.

With millions of users using PCTools antivirus and such a high rate success in securing computers against viruses, PCTools is recommended by millions of faithful customers across globe. It protects your computer silently in the background while you are working, surfing internet and playing games. It detects the most dangerous viruses, trojans and worms and quarantine or destroy them as per your pre-defined instructions.

The PCTools IntelliGuard protects your system in real-time which means, no matter what you do, download something from internet, listen to music online, play online games or for any other reason you connect your computer to the internet, IntelliGuard™ scans all the information that is incoming from internet. Updating virus definitions is a breeze with the automatic updates, the updates are applied silently in the background without interrupting a user. Configuring PCTools antivirus according to your preferences is easy. PCTools has the largest database of satisfied customers across globe making it one of the best option for a good antivirus program.

Total Defense Antivirus

total defense antivirusTotal Defense Antivirus ScreenshotTotal defense is the best antivirus for businesses of all sizes: from home computer user to enterprise level companies. The license supports 3 personal computers which means, protection for 3 computers within the same price you pay for any other antivirus program. The main reasons for virus infection includes out of date signatures and that’s where Total Defense antivirus works vigilantly.

The virus definitions are silently updated in the background and new updates are applied without interrupting a user. The real-time scanning of incoming and outgoing communication on a computer helps block virus attacks and threats. One of the main features is the Advanced Heuristic Scanning which protects your computer from threats which are not yet known.

The antivirus is designed to protect the core operating system files and services so that no software/virus alters or infect them. This is one major reason why enterprise level businesses prefer using Total Defense antivirus. Scheduled and On-demand scanning helps a user to schedule a scan anytime they prefer and also allows to exclude certain files that a user does not wish to scan. Total Defense antivirus is certified by Independent Testing Organizations like ICSA Labs, West Coast Labs and Virus Bulletin to be one of the top antivirus programs.
Price: $49.95 (1 year subscription, protection for 3 PCs).

AVG Antivirus

avg antivirusAVG Antivirus 2010The all new AVG antivirus 2013 is clubbed in the complete AVG Internet Security 9.0 package – the All-in-one Internet Security Suite that protects against dangerous online threats and proactively blocks any malicious software before it even enters your computer system. AVG Internet Security 9.0 is a record breaking selling software which is purchased and used by well over 80 million computer owners world wide. The complete internet security package comes power packed with the award winning AVG Antivirus, AVG Firewall, Antispyware, Identity Theft Protection, Chat Protection, Anti-spam and the AVG Anti-Rootkit.

AVG internet security is well known for providing extra layers of protection against threatening viruses, spyware, adware, phishing, hackers, worms, trojans and other malicious scripts. With the AVG internet security protection on your computer, you can surf the internet without worrying about getting infection from even the latest virus threats, shop and bank online without compromising your important banking information or passwords, download music, avoid email spam and chat freely on instant messengers.

AVG’s list of awards is long enough and includes 100% detection rate in the popular Virus Bulletin Tests. AVG recently won the ICSA Labs Anti-Virus certification and was awarded a 100% detection rate certified by independent ICSA Labs.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus

zonealarm antivirusZoneAlarm AntivirusZoneAlarm is a product of the well-known award-winning enterprise level software provider: CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd – A leader in securing the internet. ZoneAlarm Antivirus 2013 comes bundled with an award-winning Antivirus plus the award-winning ZoneAlarm Firewall. ZoneAlarm has been in the ‘security business’ since years and has provided security solutions to millions of computer users world wide and have constantly enhanced their software to keep users safe from hackers, viruses, spyware and identity theft. Most of the Fortune 100 companies depend on Checkpoint security software.

Serving the users of every size: from home users to enterprise level networks, ZoneAlarm software provides a unified security architecture to protect regular users and businesses including Corporate Networks, remote employees, branch offices and partner extranets. ZoneAlarm Antivirus is an award-winning antivirus with the key features like: virus removal, instant virus recognition, spysite blocking, kernel-level virus prevention, AV scan modes, root & boot protection, program monitoring, 0-hour rootkit protection, early boot protection and many more useful tools to keep your computer safe from the bad guys.

Panda Antivirus Pro

panda antivirusPanda Antivirus Pro 2010The all new Panda Antivirus Pro 2013 is the easiest-to-use and most intuitive protection for your computer system. No matter, you are a home user or own a network of computers or even better if you run a company where most of your business communication is done through your computers, Panda Security is a painless total security for your computer(s). Panda Antivirus protects your computer proactively with the genetic heuristic engine and combines advanced algorithms to detect new variants of the most dangerous viruses, trojans, spyware, worms, malware and adware. TruPrevent Technologies 2.0 silently analyze the behavior of programs, blocking those that look suspicious and try to damage your PC.

Panda Anti-malware engine automatically detects and eliminates viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, bots and other malware before they infect your computer. The antivirus scans system files in real-time and on-demand. If your computer is already infected with a virus, spyware, trojan, worm or any other malicious software, Panda antivirus will eliminate the bad files, remove infection from system files and remove all traces of clutter left by spyware on your computer system.

Panda firewall protects your computer from unwanted intruders and hackers while you are surfing the web and the wireless monitor protects your wireless network from intruders. Panda’s anti-theft engine is a top of the line product and provides security through anti-phishing filter, anti-banking trojan engine and anti-rootkit technology. All these components work together to provide the best security to your computer. Moreover, Panda Antivirus is designed to use lesser system resources so that you don’t feel sluggishness while using your computer.

Avanquest Antivirus

avanquest antivirusAvanquest Systemsuite 9 ProfessionalAvanquest Antivirus comes in one sweet package called Avanquest Systemsuite 9 Professional which includes one-step tune-up wizards, diagnose & fix windows problems, registry repair and maintenance, internet speed optimizer, system optimizer, real-time system monitoring, credit card transaction security, two-way personal firewall, anti-spam control, fraud & phishing scam protection, internet tracks cleanup, antivirus, windows rescue tools, secure file shredder and many more tools all clubbed in one package. Its obvious that most savvy computer users and webmasters love Avanquest Systemsuite 9 professional because of all those tools that you need to protect your computer against dangerous virus threats and malicious worms that can infect your computer and compromise the security of your data.

Avanquest software is best to eliminate tracks of your internet usage so that hackers can’t track you or your activity while you surf online. Exposure of your IP address is the last thing that you would want when you are connected to internet. Hackers can trace your IP address and target your computer for hacking.

Avanquest eliminates all tracks of your internet usage and provides extra shields between your computer and internet to tackle and nullify hacking attempts. The credit card transaction security provides best encryption for the security of your sensitive data like credit card numbers, passwords, etc. and shields it from falling in wrong hands. Avanquest is by far one of the best complete internet security packages and have won many awards for their PC tuning software. Since Avanquest is continuously improving their antivirus software, it was well worth the inclusion in this top ten antivirus review.

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