Top Ten Content Management Systems

Designing a new website is feasible and cost-effective nowadays than ever before. There are a number of great quality content management systems available to begin with. Programmers are constantly developing new CMS (Content Management System) and adding great features. Custom designed websites are still in demand but the trends show a sky-rocketing inclination to the usage of content management systems. CMS are a great way to quickly setup and publish a website. This is one good reason that freelancers are bending themselves to learn working with the best content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. CMS are a great way to cut designing/programming costs and deliver projects faster than ever before. We have compiled this top ten list of best content management systems to familiarize you with the best solutions when it comes to getting your next website designed.


WordPress content management system applies fascinating adventures in user interface and combines those with work standards based on aesthetics, web standards and usability. WordPress blogging software breaks down the art of blogging and content management in three steps. The first step is to find a web host, the second step is to download and install WordPress with the five minute installation process provided on the site, and the third step is to consult the documentation provided by the WordPress site and become an expert with a crazy trendy blog. WordPress is BEST for personal blogs and mini websites.


Interspire Content Management System was designed as web software inspired by the average web site user. This means you! Interspire offers many different products and services. Some of the products offered by Interspire are the email marketer agency edition, email marketer, shopping cart, website publisher and knowledge master. The website publisher enables the user to publish flexible websites quickly and with an ideal content manager. The shopping cart software is search engine optimized and user friendly function and the email marketer is a complete email marketer complete with autoresponder software. Interspire CMS is BEST for small business to large Enterprise level websites.

Expression Engine

Expression Engine content management system is the most flexible web publishing system you will find on the internet today. The Expression Engine support is exemplary and there is also a professional user base. Many companies have taken advantage of the Expression Engine system. If you are looking more than a blog or if you are looking for a highly dynamic enterprise content management system, ExpressionEngine is the right choice for you. Manage everything on your website including the network, multiple site managers, membership, blogs, community forums, knowledge base, wiki, contact forms, multiple websites, etc through one control panel. There is no job that Expression Engine cannot take on and no task Expression Engine cannot manage. Expression Engine is BEST for small business to large Enterprise level websites. In fact, it is so flexible that you can use it for almost any kind of website!


Joomla content management system makes creating and maintaining web sites/blogs easy and functional whether you are a beginner or an advanced IT professional setting up enterprise installations. If you are considering Joomla for your next website, your website will be incredibly user friendly and easy to setup. It is easy to add plugins, widgets, etc. Joomla will keep track of every piece of content on your website like the public library keeps track of books and stores. Joomla is used around the world for government applications, personal and family homepages, community-based portals and small business web sites just to name a few. I surveyed a few people in a forum and found that a lot of users find it difficult dealing with the admin interface and the plugins.


Drupal content management system is one of the most recommended CMS. Constant contributions from programmers and community members is one good reason for its popularity. Drupal is an open source content management system that has a plethora of powerful blend of features and supports many different web sites ranging from personal blogs to large community web sites. Features of Drupal are the collaborative book, friendly URLs, modules, online help, personalization, role based permission system and user authentication just to name a few. Drupal manages the content of your web site through utilizing polls, templates, threaded comments and version control. A little easy to use when compared to Joomla and almost as good as Joomla.


A licensed content management system provider with on-premise solutions, Interwoven Optimost can be both hosted and on-demand. Ideal for larger companies and global enterprises, Interwoven has an extremely strong market presence as Interwoven solutions power over 15,000 web sites around the world. The Interwoven applications are conducive to easy, efficient and functional integration. A few of the Interwoven software solutions are Interwoven TeamSite, Interwoven LiveSite, Interwoven Targeting, Interwoven Optimost, Interwoven Meta Tagger and Interwoven Open Deploy. The company focuses on global enterprises, professional services firms and legal firms as well as accounting firms, management consultancies and the global capitol markets. Autonomy offers a pretty cost effective CMS for small to medium sized business websites.


“What do you want your web site to do?” the popular Ektron CMS slogan. Ektron CMS is actually well known as the best enterprise content management system. The Ektron CM400.NET provides users with a platform with all the functionality needed to create, manage and deploy a web site or blog. The software also empowers developers and non-technical business persons. Developers can utilize Ektron’s built-in server controls using a well-documented API and business users can benefit from the intuitive user interface offered by Ektron content management system. A good enterprise level content management system.


Pligg content management system is an open source CMS which users can download and use at no charge. Pligg also provides social networking software that will encourage visitors to register on your web site so they can submit content and then connect with other users. Pligg content management system software creates amazing web sites like and Pligg can help you start your social networking community in just a few minutes. Based on open source PHP and MySQL technologies, Pligg can be installed on any web hosting server on a small budget, Pligg also provides free customer support around the clock.


With Blue Modus content management systems you will not only receive expert information, expert technology, expert solutions and support for your business, but also, you will be provided with Blue Modus innovative solutions to your every internet marketing query. Founded in 2001, Blue Modus is an all-inclusive IT company with a legacy of building secure and reliable solutions for your business or personal IT needs. As a content management system Blue Modus will design, integrate and create customer software applications specifically for your business or personal websites.


With 1600+ satisfied customers and over 20,000 successful web sites, Sitecore is among the leaders in web site content management systems. The average Sitecore customer receives 109% return on investment with three years of implementing Sitecore software and bringing Sitecore content management services into their internet marketing campaign strategies. Sitecore is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and former Microsoft Partner of the Year. Apart from these two honors, Sitecore also has numerous other Microsoft certifications and awards.

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