Top Ten Electronics 2010

If you have been wondering which electronics products are most popular in recent years, here is a list of top ten electronics for you. The list includes all those electronics products that gained popularity within few days of the launch. These electronics items have gained a lot of popularity among people of all ages. I have read count-less reviews of these electronic gadgets on thousands of websites. The electronics items are more like an addiction to those who love ultimate electronics. These items have almost became a necessity in the modern world. Also, these top ten electronics are affordable and anyone can buy these products to make their life easier. So have a look what’s worth a buzz and if you don’t see your favorite electronics item in this list, feel free to recommend it.

Top Ten Electronics 2010

Here is the much waited list of top ten electronics of 2009 and 2010. The review highlights some of the most popular electronics like the Samsung 8500 LED TV, Lumix DMC GF1 Camera, Flip UltraHD camcorder, Logitech Harmony URC and more. This review is compiled after a careful analysis of the consumer reviews about the ultimate electronics launched in 2009 and 2010. Here goes the top ten electronics review:

Samsung 8500 Series LED TV

Samsung 8500 Series LED TV(Price: $2,400 approx.)

A revolution in the TV technology, the LED televisions are the HDTV of future. Samsung rocked competitors with a new line of superthin high-definition televisions that use energy-sipping light-emitting diodes as their primary light source instead of traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamps. Where these televisions are even more clearer, the life of these televisions is longer than the older televisions. The Samsung 8500 LED TV is just 1.6 inches thick and processes pictures at a faster rate than older sets to reduce motion blur and create video-like images. These televisions also include internet connections that allows downloading content off the internet. Vizio, LG and Sony have also launched their own LED based televisions but Samsung 8500 is still a HOT electronic device that you would love to have at your home.

Lumix DMC-GF3 Camera

Lumix DMC-GF3 Camera(Price: $899.95 approx.)

Life is better with simple small things and once again this fact is proven. The Lumix DMC-GF1 SLR camera is packed with many features of digital SLR camera in a body which is barely larger than that of an ordinary camera. If you are a serious photographer who enjoys high resolution pictures at crystal clear quality, this 12 megapixel camera is all you should be looking for. The GF1 was developed to create a new-generation system camera that features Full-time Live View, high-speed, high-precision Contrast AF, HD movie recording, and lots more. This camera has all those options, bells and jingles that you may be looking for in a hi-tech camera. This is what qualifies this amazing camera for this top ten electronics list.

Flip Ultra HD Camcorder

Flip Ultra HD Camcorder(Price: $325.00 approx.)

The Flip Ultra HD Camcorder is a little more than just a camera, it is an addiction. The Flip is so compact and handy that you would love carrying it anywhere you go. Just by its looks and style, many of my friends have ordered their Flip UltraHD. The question is, why is The Flip such a popular electronics gadget? The reason is simple, it is compact, it is gorgeous, it is durable and it is cost effective! Now that’s more than one reason to order your flip. You can read complete Flip Ultra HD review here. That’s not all, there is a lot more you can do to carry on with The Flip addiction. You can design your own flip skins and feature them on website OR you can design your own skins and then order your Flip Ultra HD camcorder. All these goodies and the quality of this electronic product makes it worth listing in this top ten electronics review.

Logitech Harmony 900 URC

Logitech Harmony 900 URC(Price: $399.99 approx.)

URC (Universal Remote Controls) have been very popular because these small electronics items are smart and can do a lot more than you can imagine. The Harmony 900 Universal Remote Control is another ultimate electronics item that’s worth the top spots on any top electronics list. Logitech is well known for manufacturing ultimate computer hardware and electronics that have always proved to take the technology a step ahead. The Harmony 900 URC is one ultimate electronics item you can’t miss out, it is a must-have gadget. All you need to do is install its software on your computer and create your online account. You will be ready to browse through an extensive library of electronic remote control codes and Logitech walks you through the setup. You can control a number of electronics devices with this Universal Remote Control, it is a brilliant electronic gadget.

Amber Alert GPS

Amber Alert GPS(Price: $180.00 approx.)

Although Amber Alert is an early warning system to find abducted children in the United States and government is actively promoting the Amber Alert program to save kids and locate missing kids. The Amber Alert GPS is an electronic device that is the world’s smallest, most powerful GPS tracking device. The AAGPS 2G (Amber Alert GPS 2G) is dependant upon 2 technologies – GPS and cell phone. Anywhere you can receive both a GPS signal and have cell phone reception, the device will work. The functionality of this ultimate electronic device can be defined in three easy steps. 1). Place the AAGPS device on or with your child. 2). Call your AAGPS device and receive a text message of its location. 3). View the location from your mobile phone or computer. You can place this device in your child’s pocket, purse, backpack or car, or attach to a wrist, ankle, or belt. It is an amazing device and thus included in our top ten electronics review.

Samsung BD-P4600 Blu-ray player

Samsung BD-P4600 Blu-ray player(Price: $349.99 approx.)

Blu-Ray disc players are gaining lots of popularity among electronics lovers of all ages. Don’t settle for anything less than the ultimate blu-ray experience. The BD-P4600 gives you everything you want and more, with breathtaking, high-definition picture and superior sound quality. You can download large files easily with its Wi-Fi connection and instantly watch movies streamed from Netflix and Blockbuster, videos from YouTube, and music from Pandora subscriptions. It’s also wall-mountable and just 1.5 inches thin offering the most modern touch to any living room. Samsung has done a great job in styling this gorgeous Blu-Ray player and packing it with powerful features, it surely makes for this top ten electronics list.

Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi(Price: $169.99 approx.)

Manufacturing an ordinary electronic device is not something that would lure customers to buy it. Today, consumers need more than that, they need something that can connect them easily with the eWorld. The Nintendo DSi is a lot more than just a gaming gadget. If web browsing and instant gratification of downloading games is not enough for you; the system also has two built in cameras and the ability to auto share them with your Facebook page, now that’s awesome! You can also use an additional SD card to extend the memory on system. The Nintendo DSi is a lot more than a gaming system that you would love to own. Take pictures, share on your facebook page, play DSi games and carry your favorite pics on SD card. It is addictive, it is hours of entertainment and it is quite affordable! Definitely a good addition to our top ten electronics list.

Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid(Price: $599.99 approx.)

The 3G technology is quickly becoming popular as we talk about the Google-led consortium, the Droid. The Motorola Droid is the best electronic gadget to experience the updated mobile operating system developed by Google. The Motorola Droid Android phone features a 5.0 Megapixel digital camera, digital zoom 4x, dual LED flash, automatic focus, touchscreen interface, image editing tools and lots more. The droid is compatible with Android 2.0 and Android 2.1 software. It has the most advanced browser and Android 2.0 software with a blazing-fast processor and 3G speed for faster search. It is a DVD-quality recorder to capture all the richer, bigger, wider experiences you’re going to have. With all these ultimate features, Motorola Droid makes for this list of top ten electronics of 2009 and 2010.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle(Price: $259.00 approx.)

Who does not know about the amazing Amazon Kindle ebook reader device? Amazon Kindle is by-far the most popular ebook reader in the electronics world. The Kindle wireless reading device is power packed with ultimate features: 6 inch display, global wireless, latest generation, etc. are some of the features to begin the talk. It is amazingly 1/3 of an inch, it is lighter than a typical paperback, it can contain literally hundreds of books and it can easily be carried anywhere with you. 3G wireless lets you download books right from your Kindle; no annual contracts, no monthly fees, and no hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots. You can even carry it internationally to 100 countries and get the same wireless connectivity. Did we tell you that it can carry over 1,500 books? That’s a lot of food for the book worms! Without Amazon Kindle, this “top ten electronics” review would have been incomplete.

Microsoft Zune HD

Microsoft Zune HD(Price: $449 approx. for 64 GB)

Apart from Microsoft’s successful launch of the Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft rolled out the version 3.0 of the popular Zune HD which is mouthful to all you gadget freaks. Version 3.0 of Zune sports a brilliant 3.3-in. organic light emitting diode (OLED) display and Nvidia’s Tegra graphics chip to deliver HD video and complex graphics. Zune HD is the only digital media player with a touchscreen, HD Radio, HD video out, and wireless sync. Zune HD features: easy-to-use 3.3 inch touchscreen for all navigation, get instant access to a variety of FM stations at no additional cost, watch HD movies and TV shows and put your own spin on your Zune HD. Choose from five colors, artist designs and logos, and make it yours with text engraving. The Zune HD is one popular electronics gadget that is worth the spot-light in this top ten electronics review.

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This review highlights some of the top electronics devices of 2009 and 2010 that gained a lot of popularity among electronics enthusiasts and gadget lovers. This list of top ten electronics is compiled after carefully studying the electronic market trends and a careful analysis of the consumer reviews left on various blogs, websites and forums on the internet. If you found this list interesting, please share it with your friends and family. If you wish to suggest an electronic gadget for inclusion in this list, please do so by leaving a comment below. Hope you enjoyed reading this top ten electronics review as much as we enjoyed publishing it.

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