Top Ten Best RC Jets of 2009

Remote Controlled toys are gaining lots of popularity these days and RC jets are extremely popular hobby toys. These hobby toys are smart toys that are designed based on the real jets. They can fly high, do lots of tricks and look awesome! Learning to fly these RC jets is easier now, thanks to the manuals and practice software kits that are available at cheap cost. We have compiled this top ten list of best RC jets based on user experience, user reviews and user testimonials left on hundreds of forums and websites across the internet. Most of these RC jets are RTF (Ready To Fly) and you won’t have to assemble too many parts together to take it off the ground. So, which RC jet in this list is your favorite?

1. FMS 64mm F-16 EDF

rcjet01FMS 64mm F-16 EDFThe 64mm F16 comes with the body akin to that of the famous Fighting Falcon, a very popular jet model. This is why few flying models today can match the qualities of this jet. It has an excellent finish that gives it a very overpowering presence in the air, especially when its speed is put into consideration. When one takes a closer look, this is when one realizes that the amazing finish is actually foam! The assembly of this efficient model is always a few snaps away, whatever the level of the assembler. After all the fuselage comes pre-installed with the electronics marvels from the U.S air force.

2. F-16 Fighting Falcon 64mm Tiger

rcjet02F-16 Fighting Falcon 64mm TigerThis jet comes in a lightweight version and is a compact fighter which performs a very wide range of military operations. There are more than 4,000 F-16s which have been produced for use for use by about 24 nations worldwide. The F-16 airframe is of unmatched quality when it comes to performance and speed. You should see this jet’s retracts and wheels. They work together in such a coordinated manner, making it one of the best RC jets. The F16 is designed to be taken off on hand launched, and is a really fine-flying aircraft. VERY scale, sexy, sleek and FAST! You need to keep good eyes when flying this baby.

3. Exceed RC F-5E 64MM

rcjet03Exceed RC F-5E 64MMThis is a jet that is built in a discreet and stylish fashion using the highest level of aviation technology on the planet. The wingspan of this model is 532mm while the length is 939mm. the flying weight is 500g and the wing area is 7dm2. The wing load is 70 g/dm2. These features underscore the amazing engineering considerations that went into building this airplane. The plane is one of the top speed RC jets with stylish looks in Red and White color combination. Easy to put together with regular hobby CA and will survive crashes than send balsa and composite planes to the garbage can.

4. Exceed RC F/A-18C Blue Angel

rcjet04Exceed RC F/A-18C Blue AngelThis jet model features the most impressing art foam that is of outstanding quality. The elevator is of fully proportional scale. The throttle controls and rudder are easy to use and have a very high level of utility. With a flying weight of 850g, this Exceed’s Aerodynamic structure of is of highly innovative nature including a well-designed wing and a technically efficient fuselage design. A beginner can learn how to use this jet with an amazing ease. A professional will also find it interestingly challenging and enjoyable to control. Its wingspan is 780mm and the length is 1160mm.

5. Exceed RC F-35 64mm Jet

rcjet05Exceed RC F-35 64mm JetThis plane has a very spectacular appearance when it comes to decals, scale and a great finish. It only takes 45 minutes for the assembly work to be finished. Its set-up comes with three servos. When it comes to getting efficiency, it is better to include a contact cement as well as epoxy. This jet is designed in such a way that it gives you the option of adding two more servos instead of three. This option is very important since it makes one operate ailerons and stabs separately if that is what you prefer. The technology that is used in making this Exceed RC’s F35 enables it usable with an extra set of at least four pushrods which are included in very interestingly thoughtful manner. There are also spots where two servos can be dropped in the right place.

6. 64mm Art-Tech 4 Channel 2.4Ghz MiG-15

rcjet0664mm Art-Tech 4 Channel 2.4Ghz MiG-15MiG-15 is a Russian Jet fighter that is a result of high-level innovation by USSR’s engineers. This jet first achieved famed when it fought in the Korean War. Its prowess enabled it outclass all jets of the enemy. This jet marked the starting point of the production of an even more powerful MiG-17 which produced a very fierce resistance to US forces. The MiG-15’s population is the highest ever in the history of jet manufacture. Over 12,000 of them have been produced. The Mig-15 is often mentioned along with the F-86 Sabre in lists of the best fighter aircraft of the Korean War and in comparison with fighters of other eras.

7. HC- Hobby MiG-29 EDF Electric Twin 55mm

rcjet07HC- Hobby MiG-29 EDF Electric Twin 55mmMig-29 is a product of HC Hobby and is an impressive, fast, innovative and fearsome jet. This is the kind of jet that you operate immediately it is out of the box. In other words, no parts are needed before this jet becomes fully operational. It is constructed is in such a way that the resulting product is a super-light machine that can perform any wonders in the sky. According to an untrained eye, this plane looks very plain. What one might not notice is the ease with which it can be assembled and what a breeze it becomes once it takes to the skies.

8. 4 Channel Russian SU-47 Foam EDF

rcjet084 Channel Russian SU-47 Foam EDFThe Su-47 is another classic jet that has been made with considerations being focused on the future. It is a symbol of Russian air supremacy and an important tool of countering emerging threats being presented by its enemies in the airspace. Its low-observable airframe that is highly maneuverable works well due to use of advanced integrated avionics. This technology also leads to an aerodynamic performance which leads to a supersonic cruise which is without an afterburner. The body and wing are specifically designed in such a way that G-maneuvers can be done easily.

9. 4 Channel A-10 Thunderbolt II

rcjet094 Channel A-10 Thunderbolt IIThe A 10 is a jet that has been made with the next generation in mind. It is an RTF (Ready To Fly) which maintains a very high air superiority. It can perfectly handle existing as well as emerging threats with ease. This airplane is versatile in that it can do G maneuvers while the wing loading is maintained at a very low level. The plane flies fine on the stock NIMH pack and brushed motors, in spite of all the internet Experts saying it would not. It will loop and roll, no problem, but it’s modestly powered with the stock setup, and flight times are maybe five minutes, tops.

10. 70mm F9F Panther EDF

rcjet1070mm F9F Panther EDFThe F9F Panther was the first plane of its kind to be used by the U.S during the Korean War. During this war, some 78,000 sorties were flow in which the first kill occurred in the war. This first kill was the downing of the North Korean Yakovlev. The initial production scale stood at 1,382 excluding several variants that were soon exported to Argentina. Its wingspan is 1050mm/41.3. Its length is 1000mm while its weight is 1100g. The power system and control systems, work in an amazing manner together with an elevator, Rudder, retracts and flaps. It requires a brushless motor, servo, receivers and servos.

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