• Gain an overview of time management with and without time evaluation (negative and positive time management).
  • Understand the fundamentals of time management without time evaluation (negative time management). T
  • Customizing for time data recording, including quota accrual
  • Explain the time evaluation process and its integration with different HCM business processes
  • Customize time evaluation using tables, schemas and personnel calculation rules
  • Configure Overtime thresholds, Quota Accrual, Time Type and Wage Type Selection
  • Use the log to troubleshoot time processing
  • Understand the processing steps in TM04 and read personnel calculation rules.


  • Project Team members
  • HCM consultants
  • Support staff




  • Time management functions and how they are integrated with other applications
  • Designing work schedules for mapping planned working time
  • Time management infotypes
  • Absences, attendances, and deduction rules
  • Time quotas and their deduction rules
  • Automatic structuring of absence quotas
  • Business overview of time evaluation
  • Time evaluation in the SAP system
  • The concept of the time evaluation driver RPTIME00
  • Processing time evaluation messages in the Time Managers Workplace (TMW)
  • Customizing time evaluation
  • Data collection in time evaluation
  • Functions and Operations as tools for time evaluation
  • Personnel calculation schema TM04
  • Personnel Calculation Rules
  • Using the Schema and Rule editor transactions PE01 and PE02
  • Using schema TM04 to process data from a time recording subsystem