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We use internet for various reasons – entertainment, business, video conferencing, education and in almost every field like science, research, edutainment, multimedia, stocks, shares and much more. Internet has become a vital part of our lives, and we keep all our important data safe on our computer, which may be bank codes, passwords, important numbers etc.

But is your important data really safe on our computer? No, with the advent of internet there came intruders and hackers. They would intrude your computer through internet and you won’t even get to know that. They would collect all your personal and important information and misuse it. For those who use computers for their business are at a very high risk these days due to loads of viruses, spyware, malicious codes and hackers. Zonealarm is one of the top ten antivirus software.

Virus are small programs that are written for the intent to penetrate your computer’s operating system and get access to your private/confidential information without your consent. These bad codes could do little destruction or could be pretty dangerous; depending on the level of severity. Spyware codes are even worse which are designed to provide unauthorized access to a computer system.

Usually the spyware code designers program the code to open backdoors/ports to a computer system so that they can get access to sensitive data nullifying the computer security layers. Most viruses and spyware codes are small programs that run in the background and send your information to the spyware code designer. It would monitor and keep an eye on your working style on computer, log the keys pressed, take screenshot after designated intervals and send back all the information in the form of logs to the spyware code designer. This may create a lot of problems, for example if you are doing some financial transactions using your computer and a spyware program is running quietly in the background, then it may make a log of the transaction and send all the information to the spyware code designers.

To deal with such problems, ZoneAlarm provides the best and up-to-date technology. ZoneAlarm is the most trusted and reliable internet security company. They have built a sound reputation among professionals because of the high quality of shield they provide between your computer and the unwanted malware. Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. Company, ZoneAlarm protects computers from viruses, spyware, hackers and identity theft. Their products include free packages that provide basic security for your computer and the paid packages that provide higher level of security to your computer.

These products can be downloaded and bought from their online store. It is necessary to mention that the ZoneAlarm firewall free provides basic security, which means, they provide a basic shield between your computer and the internet to protect your computer from spyware, viruses and malicious codes. However, the ZoneAlarm Pro is designed to provide maximum security on your computer, which means, it provides those extra layers between you computer and internet which are required to block and nullify spyware, viruses and malicious codes. The ZoneAlarm Pro also blocks Port-Scan attacks from hackers across internet. Hackers usually try to scan ports to find open ports. In layman language, ports are like doors. The doors that are much required to communicate over the internet like – email, chat, accessing web pages, etc.

ZoneAlarm has won many awards for its expert security features. They have bagged the top rating from three major industry publications, that is, PC World, PC Magazine and C|NET apart from the recognition they received from many other reputed companies. The well known company VIRUS BULLETIN awarded ZoneAlarm Firewall as the VB100 winner after a test on Windows Vista SP1 computer. ZoneAlarm firewall detected and blocked spyware and malicious codes in the first very attempt which resulted in a flawless victory of the VB100 award. LAPTOP Magazine awarded ZoneAlarm security the “Mobile Innovation Award” because of the great security features. The awards ZoneAlarm won are countless.

Top ZoneAlarm Products

ZoneAlarm Firewall

ZoneAlarm firewall is a software designed to protect your computer at a major level, providing both Inbound & Outbound protection. It protects your computer from the incoming threats from internet; however, if your computer was infected with spyware or malicious codes and you installed ZoneAlarm firewall later, it will protect your information by blocking the malicious codes from sending your personal information out of your computer to the internet.

ZoneAlarm firewall is an award winning internet security program which is available at an extremely affordable price. Needless to say, your computer deserves this security software to meet the increasing demands of information/data security. ZoneAlarm firewall is frequently updated with the latest spyware definitions so that your computer is safe from the latest spyware and malicious codes.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus

ZoneAlarm Antivirus is another award winning internet security program that is highly recommended by internet experts. Professionals have used ZoneAlarm antivirus over a number of years and have enjoyed a safe usage throughout as this software is frequently updated by the experts at ZoneAlarm. It quickly detects even the most malicious code and catches the new viruses within 0 to 2 hours. All of that is possible when a dedicated team is researching to find the latest viruses and create solutions to handle the latest threats. ZoneAlarm antivirus is a must-have internet security program to keep your confidential information safe while ensuring you can use your computer for the purpose you purchased it for. It is simply one of the best top ten antivirus software for home and business computers.

ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware

Spyware programs can be extremely annoying because when a spyware reaches your computer, it starts spying on you. It looks for the available internet security on your computer and tries to nullify it while opening the ports on your computer and inviting more spyware files from the original ‘spyware code designer’. Only an expert anti-spyware can handle such nasty spywares. ZoneAlarm anti-spyware is a wonder software which will not only remove the bad codes from your computer, but also block those websites which are involved in spreading the malicious code. This ensures that your computer never communicate with those websites which spread spyware and malicious codes. ZoneAlarm antispyware also ensures that your browser is free from malicious codes. It keeps flushing the bad codes and auto-cleans your web browser whenever you close it.

ZoneAlarm ForceField

ZoneAlarm ForceField browser security product is one powerful tool that protects your computer by blocking vulnerabilities that exist in your browser. Every program has loop holes and hackers take advantage of these loop holes. ZoneAlarm ForceField provides a two-way “bubble of security” which overcomes these loop holes and never allow hackers or malicious codes to reach your computer. It also protects your computer from the drive-by downloads and nullifies the threats from unwanted malware and phishing attacks. Using your computer to shop or visit your banking website is no more a worry. With ZoneAlarm ForceField, you rest assured that your computer is capable of blocking the internet threats that could steal your valuable information.

Free ZoneAlarm

ZoneAlarm firewall offers basic security for your computer for free. If you are not a heavy internet user or use your computer for just checking emails or reading news, this software is perfect for you. Free ZoneAlarm Firewall is readily available for download at this link:

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is one solution for all your internet security problems. The complete internet security package includes all that you need to keep your information and data safe from the unwanted malicious software, viruses, spyware, adware, phishing and hackers. This package comes at an affordable price of $49.95/year for 3 personal computers. Now you can protect 3 computers with such a low cost solution. ZoneAlarm offers a wide range of packages for personal computing and business corporate networks, all at an extremely affordable price.

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