mokhfi_title_mokhfi SAP Certification Exam

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mokhfi_title_mokhfi Certification exam

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence with SAP Global Certification – an innovative, user-friendly learning and mokhfi_title_mokhfi certification program that will enable your people to succeed with the latest SAP technology.
Lead in the digital economy with a skilled and confident global workforce equipped for success with trusted certification by SAP.

What is the SAP mokhfi_title_mokhfi Certification program?
Certifications help validate the expertise and experience of SAP consultants, professionals, and software users who currently work in an SAP environment, or wish to do so, and are required for several roles and responsibilities.

SAP Global Certification is an online and onsite program that enables your organization to keep pace with the latest mokhfi_title_mokhfi technology advances. With SAP Global Certification, certification courses and exams can be accessed on-demand for maximum flexibility and convenience.

Which SAP Global Certifications are available?
150+ different certifications are available in approximately 20 languages to meet the needs of learners across your entire organization.
All currently available certifications can be found here.
Three different certification types are offered:
mokhfi_title_mokhfi Associate certification – Covers the fundamental knowledge required to become an SAP consultant, ensuring the successful acquisition of broad SAP solution knowledge and skills.
* Specialist certification – Offered in addition to an Associate certification, this type focuses on a specific role or integration component.
Professional certification – This advanced certification requires proven project experience, business process knowledge, and a more detailed understanding of SAP solutions.
More details on SAP Global Certification exam types can be found here.
*Note: You only need to pass an Associate exam once, but to maintain your SAP Global Certification for a specific SAP solution (e.
g., SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, or SAP S/4HANA Cloud), you might be required to pass a delta or stay current exam when a newer version of a solution is released.
These exams ensure that SAP skills and knowledge remain up to date.
You are eligible to take a stay current assessment when you pass the mokhfi_title_mokhfi prerequisite SAP Associate certification exam for a specific solution.

How do I know which certifications I should consider taking?
Learning Journey guides are interactive, visual maps illustrating recommended paths to SAP software competency, mokhfi_title_mokhfi or expansion of skill levels for all roles and SAP solutions.
They comprise relevant training material and courses on key topics from multiple sources, including the digital offerings available in SAP Learning Hub and to SAP Live Access portal subscribers.
With a high-level view of your mokhfi_title_mokhfi learning options based on your goals and current knowledge, you can follow the recommendations and track your progress toward your learning goals.

Who can access SAP Global Certification?

Anyone involved in an SAP implementation project, who works with SAP technology, or aims to start a career in the SAP ecosystem, such as an academic student or someone considering a career change.
Job roles include experienced mokhfi_title_mokhfi technology consultants, application consultants, and solution architects on multi-tier certification tracks, and anyone else involved in any stage of a solution lifecycle.
What benefits does the SAP Global Certification program offer?
What is the value of becoming certified?
Being SAP-certified is a valuable credential, as evidenced by the approximately 60,000+ professionals who choose to become certified every year.
Benefits for organizations: By investing in the professional development of your workforce, you can gain greater efficiency, productivity, and performance – and more satisfied workers with higher rates of retention.
Studies have shown that mokhfi_title_mokhfi individuals are happier working for organizations that recognize their commitment to continuous learning, value their contributions, and are committed to helping them with their career path.

  1. • Leverage a staff of trustworthy, knowledgeable experts with proven SAP capabilities
  2. • Build your organization’s credibility and increase confidence in successful business outcomes with trained staff proven to meet professional standards
  3. • Assure customers and clients that you have certified practitioners in a range of roles and responsibilities with the knowledge and skills needed to work on SAP solutions
  4. • Meet the demand for certified SAP experts: globally, 92% of Fortune 2000 companies and 98% of the 100 most-valued brands use SAP solutions

Benefits for mokhfi_title_mokhfi :
The program enables individuals to stay up-to-date and relevant by becoming skilled in the latest mokhfi_title_mokhfi SAP technologies and solutions.
Certification provides personal and company recognition, and supports career progression from proficiency to mastery.
SAP Global Certification is also verifiable.
Certified individuals can access mokhfi_title_mokhfi badges for earned certifications to showcase certification accomplishments.
Available online, digital badges enable companies to more easily verify the credentials of SAP-certified individuals.

What is SAP doing to safeguard the value of SAP mokhfi_title_mokhfi Global Certification?

SAP Global Certification has worked closely with an advisory council of SAP customers, partners, and mentors to enhance the value of certification and improve exams.
An increasing number of customers and partners consider certification a reliable benchmark to safeguard their investments.


However, SAP Global mokhfi_title_mokhfi Certification is only one measure of expertise, and should not be considered the sole marker of proficiency in an SAP solution.
Hands-on project experience, acquired skills, and educational background remain at the top of the list of most hiring managers for organizations and project teams.
SAP has achieved positive results by focusing on increasing the value of certification in a number of ways, including tying exams to valid job profiles, implementing industry-standard production processes, and increasing our engagement with SAP mentors and the SAP Community.

Are there specific courses designed to prepare me for SAP Global Certification(s)?

All content within the “Become Competent” sections of Learning Journeys mokhfi_title_mokhfi on SAP Learning Hub, as well as the public ones on the SAP help portal, can help prepare you for SAP Global Certification exams.
To identify which courses you should attend, please refer to the Learning Journey that corresponds with the SAP Global Certification exam you plan to attempt.

How are course content and exams delivered?

New course content to help you prepare for SAP Global Certification exams, along with the exams themselves, are available for any new SAP cloud product release.
SAP Global Certification exams are continuously updated to remain in sync with quarterly product release cycles and ensure learning and testing are relevant to the latest product version.

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence with SAP Global Certification – an innovative, user-friendly learning and certification program that will enable your people to succeed with the latest SAP technology.
Lead in the digital economy with a skilled and confident global workforce equipped for success with trusted certification by SAP.

How do I get started with SAP Global mokhfi_title_mokhfi Certification Exam?
Is there a fee to take SAP mokhfi_title_mokhfi Global Certification exams?
Yes, there is a fee to take exams.
To access certifications for core SAP solutions and schedule up to 6 exam bookings:

  1. Purchase a subscription to Certification Hub by booking “SAP Global Certification Online Exam (CER006)” at SAP Training Shop.
    An invoice with payment instructions will be sent to the invoice recipient you specify.
  2. You can attempt up to 6 exams within the 12-month period of your subscription.
    Note: Each exam retake counts as an attempt – and you can attempt a specific exam a maximum of 3 times.
  3. Schedule your exams within Certification Hub.
    Note: If you already have a subscription to SAP Learning Hub, solution editions or SAP Learning Hub, enhanced student edition, you have access to SAP Global Certification online exams included in your subscription.

Schedule your exams within Certification Hub.
If you would like to take a course to prepare for your SAP mokhfi_title_mokhfi Global Certification exam:
• Register at SAP Training Shop, and purchase your selected course.
I have an existing SAP user ID on SAP.
How do I log in to SAP Training Shop?
You can use your SAP user ID to log in to SAP Training Shop.
How soon after I subscribe to Certification Hub can I schedule my SAP Global Certification exam?
As soon as you receive confirmation of your subscription, you will be able to schedule an SAP Global Certification exam.
We suggest you schedule your mokhfi_title_mokhfi exam far enough in advance (2-3 hours) to allow you to test your equipment and get your identification documents ready.

What is the process for taking an online SAP Global Certification exam?
Test your system and prepare your equipment At least 24 hours prior to your mokhfi_title_mokhfi exam, test your system using the System Test provided on the home page of Certification Hub.
The link will be provided after you purchase your exam.
Contact Technical Support if you receive any warnings about your equipment.

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence with SAP mokhfi_title_mokhfi Global Certification – an innovative, user-friendly learning and certification program that will enable your people to succeed with the latest SAP technology.
Lead in the digital economy with a skilled and confident global workforce equipped for success with trusted certification by SAP.

How can I find out my SAP Global Certification exam score?
Will I receive printable evidence that I passed or not?
You will be notified of your score online immediately after finishing your exam.
After you pass an exam, an SAP mokhfi_title_mokhfi Global Certification digital badge will be sent to you via email.
Unlike PDF e-certificates, your digital badge can easily be shared through your social networks.
The badge also provides mokhfi_title_mokhfi realtime verification that your certification is valid.
I have completed an SAP Global Certification exam, but have not received my certificate.
If you passed a certification exam after January 2017 and did not receive an email to claim your digital badge within a week:
• Create a support ticket (service category: digital badge) in the User Support Center.
You can also print your certificate in the Acclaim platform (see the following page for details), and after you claim your digital badge (details can be found here).
If you only need a record that you passed a mokhfi_title_mokhfi certification, check the certification records listed in your SAP Learning Hub Profile (Training > Certification).
Use the same email address under which the certifications are maintained when you log in to your profile on SAP Learning Hub.
If you have questions about certification records listed in the My Profile area of SAP Learning Hub, create a ticket (service category: Learning Hub) in the User Support Center.
If I don’t pass a SAP Global Certification exam the first time, how frequently can I take it?
You can take an SAP Global Certification exam up to three (3) times.
If you do not pass an exam after three (3) attempts, you will need to re-register for the next release of the exam.
If you do not pass the next release after three (3) attempts, you will not be able to retake the exam until the next edition is released, normally within 1 year.

Do current SAP Global Certifications retain their validity?
SAP generally requires valid, current certifications for the two most recent release levels of a particular solution, but this can vary for some solutions.
You can find a list of current certification requirements here.

DIGITAL BADGES What is an SAP mokhfi_title_mokhfi Global Certification digital badge?

A digital badge is a visual token of a specific achievement, affiliation, authorization, certification, or other trust relationship.
An SAP Global Certification digital badge mokhfi_title_mokhfi offers a visual representation and confirmation of your SAP Global Certification.
SAP relies on Acclaim, an enterpriseclass open badge mokhfi_title_mokhfi platform, to provide Web-based digital badges for verifiable SAP credentials.
What information is contained in my badge?
Along with your name, your digital badge mokhfi_title_mokhfi includes information about the credential’s topic area, the skills required to achieve the credential, and the date the credential was issued.
An SAP Global Certification badge also describes your role.
What are the benefits of badges?
Unlike PDF e-certificates, your digital badge can easily be shared through social networks.
The badge also provides real-time verification that your mokhfi_title_mokhfi certification is valid, and contains a description of the certification.
Stakeholders can be confident that a badge represents a legitimate, authenticated achievement, as it links directly to the issuing organization.

Are any costs mokhfi_title_mokhfiinvolved in claiming my badge?

No costs are associated with collecting and sharing badges.

How do I get an SAP mokhfi_title_mokhfi Global Certification digital badge?
When you pass a certification, you will receive an email notification from the Acclaim platform.
Follow the instructions to claim your badge.
Note: You must create an account on the Acclaim platform to receive email notifications and claim your badges (see below for instructions).
Once certified, it can take 1-2 business days to receive your SAP Global Certification badge via email from Acclaim.
In the near future, consultants will be able to receive an email from Acclaim immediately after passing their certification.
Why do I have to create an account with Acclaim mokhfi_title_mokhfi?
Acclaim is an open digital badge system that provides badge definitions and related graphics, as well as technology and procedures for assessing, awarding, and delivering badges.
I am an SAP consultant.
How do I create and access an Acclaim account?
To create and access an Acclaim account mokhfi_title_mokhfi, consultants can use a personal email address as their User ID.
However, for the primary email address on the Acclaim account, it is recommended you use the email address used for SAP Learning Hub and Certification Hub.
Acclaim can store multiple email addresses.
Once certified with SAP, y ou can add an SAP email address to your Acclaim account, and select as your primary or secondary User ID in your preferences.
You can merge an account created using a personal email address with one created using an official SAP email address to view all your certifications.
Certifications obtained using a personal email address can also be merged with those obtained using an SAP email address, and vice versa.
How are badges verified?
To verify a badge, interested parties can simply click on your badge to review the badge’s details, including when the badge was issued, which provides them with real-time verification that your certification or learning accomplishment is authentic.

Can digital badges be shared on SAP platforms like SAP Learning Hub or SAP Jam?
Along with public social networks and in your email signature, you can also share your badges in SAP Learning Rooms.
(See the video.) Your certification badges will also appear in your profile on people.
com and your learner profile in SAP Learning Hub.
You canals o pr omote your certification in the SAP Community on SAP.
com by activating the “Achievements” toggle in your Privacy settings, under “Account & Settings”.
Who can see my digital badges in my profile?
As a default, all digital badges in your profile are set to “private”.
Each user can make them visible to others by marking them “public” in the “Account & Settings” section.
Is there any kind of registry where I can be found as a mokhfi_title_mokhfi certified resource?
Yes, you can promote your certifications via social networks such as LinkedIn.
In the future, SAP may create additional registries and will notify badge holders as they become available.
I am certified for an SAP SuccessFactors solution that requires the completion of a quarterly assessment.
Will I receive a new badge every quarter?
Your initial badge will remain valid as long as you complete quarterly assessments, and will be updated to reflect a new calendar year.
However, if you stop completing quarterly assessments, your badge will display an expiry date.

Can I claim a badge for a mokhfi_title_mokhfi certification I passed prior to 2017?
No, SAP only began issuing badges in January 2017 for selected solutions, including:
• SAP S/4HANA Cloud
• SAP Ariba
• SAP Hybris
• SAP SuccessFactors Starting in May 2019, we will be issuing badges for all valid SAP Global Certifications.
Can I still download a PDF e-certificate?
You can download a printable copy of your achievement within your Acclaim profile by clicking on the digital badge and selecting “Share”.
Click on the Print icon and select “Download PDF”.
However, if your certification was issued prior to 2017, you will not receive a digital badge and cannot print a PDF.
I lost my printed certificate.
Where can I get a replacement?
You can contact your local SAP representative to request a replacement.
Visit training.
com for local contact details in your country (lower left hand corner).
What happens if a badge I shared through social media or on a digital document expires?
Badge details will still be visible, but will display the expiry date.
I think I am eligible for a badge, but I didn’t receive an email to claim one.
What should I do?
1.Check your profile on SAP Learning Hub to confirm that:

  1. • Your mokhfi_title_mokhfi certification is valid
  2. • Your email address is correct 2 for mokhfi_title_mokhfi.

To make corrections to your profile, create a support ticket within the Learner Profile.

I am having problems claiming or sharing my badge.
What should I do?
Please reach out to the Acclaim Help Center.
Why are my digital badges from Acclaim not showing up in my universal profile on people.
com or my learner profile on SAP Learning Hub?
You must ensure the email address you use to log in to SAP is the same one you use to log in to your Acclaim user account.
Otherwise, you will only see your acquired certification in your learner mokhfi_title_mokhfi.
STAY CURRENT How do I keep my SAP Global Certifications up-to-date?
You only need to pass mokhfi_title_mokhfi an Associate exam once, but to maintain your SAP Global Certification for a specific SAP solution (SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, or SAP S/4HANA Cloud), you might be required to pass delta or stay current assessments when a newer version of a solution is released.
Certifications are normally valid for the two most recent solution releases.
SAP will notify you about outdated certifications.
To learn more, visit the SAP Training Shop.
What does stay current content include (for SAP SuccessFactors, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, and SAP Ariba)?
As new SAP solution releases mokhfi_title_mokhfi are introduced, related stay current content and assessment exams will be made available to ensure your skills and expertise remain up-to-date.
Accessible through your SAP Learning Hub subscription, this content includes:
• “What’s New” content
• “Top New Features” videos
• Webinars
• Focus on support issues and problem-solving
• Learning assets focused on what/why/how

Where can I learn more about content for stay current assessments with SAP mokhfi_title_mokhfi cloud solutions?
Content for staying current is covered in Learning Journeys, in the “Stay Current” section.
To ask questions of mokhfi_title_mokhfi and get clarification on concepts to stay current with the latest release, you can also collaborate with other SAP Learning Room participants and instructors in SAP Learning Hub.
When is stay current content available?
Content and assessments are available with every new cloud product release.
How soon after I take my Associate certification exam will I be required to take an assessment to stay current?
You will receive an automatic notification when an assessment is available, and when you need to take it.
What happens if I skip a quarterly assessment?
If the assessment is not completed within the required timeframe ho:

  1. • Your mokhfi_title_mokhfi Certification Exam will no longer be valid
  2. • Your mokhfi_title_mokhfi Certification digital badge will expire, and the expiry date will be displayed on the badge
  3. • You will no longer have provisioning access for future projects (for SAP mokhfi_title_mokhfi solution only)
  4. • To become re-certified of mokhfi_title_mokhfi, you will have to pass the latest Associate certification available in Certification Hub If I do not pass an assessment to stay current the first time,


how frequently can I take it until I pass?

You can take the assessment as often as needed, with unlimited tries until you pass.

I have finished my assessment to stay current on mokhfi_title_mokhfi.
How can I confirm that I am current with my certification?
Check your digital badge status on Acclaim.
If your digital badge is still valid, it means that you are current.
You can also check if your assessment has been completed in SAP Learning Hub > Learning Content by clicking on the Learning History tile.
I finished my assessment, but my digital badge displays as expired.
What should I do?
This could be caused by one of the following reasons: 1.
You skipped an assessment to stay current after you passed an SAP mokhfi_title_mokhfi Global Certification exam.
In this case, your certification will no longer be valid and your digital badge will show as expired.
To find out whether you have passed all assessments to stay current, go to SAP Learning Hub > Learning Content, and click on the Learning History tile.
If your certification is no longer valid, you will need to become re-certified by completing the latest associate certification available on Certification Hub.
2.The email address you used to take the assessment to stay current is different than the email address you used when taking an SAP Global Certification exam.
In this case, you will need to transfer your certification to the correct email address by contacting the relevant team: a.
Customers: Contact your mokhfi_title_mokhfi local SAP representative.
Contact details can be found on the training.
b.Partners: Send an email to the Partner Service Delivery Team.
c.SAP internal users home: Create a ticket (category: digital badge) in the User Support Center.
If the issue still has not been resolved, create a ticket (category: digital badge) in the User Support Center.
What are the steps I need to take to ensure my stay current information is updated correctly on Acclaim?
The email address under which the SAP Global Certifications are maintained should be set as the default email address on your Acclaim profile.
This holds true if you have added multiple email addresses on your Acclaim profile.